How Will the Universe End?

The universe is massive and expands millions of miles every minute, maybe even billions! It’s a spacious and mysterious vacuum that contains many unidentified elements, planets, aliens, and other debatable other-worldly things. But all of this wondrous matter will soon be destroyed, in a couple trillions of years, whether it is by burning, freezing, ripping, or anything in between and not. There are three main theories of how the universe will meet its not very enticing end. The Big Freeze, The Big Rip, and The Big Crunch are the main three theories of how the universe would end. There are also many other theories, but they are minorities and are likely either made up or not physically possible, like Armeggedon and The Doom’s Day Clock.

The Big Freeze is the most popular theory of the two and is based on the idea that everything will eventually go dark and out of star fuel. The universe would become nothing but random matter floating around here and there. Some might be of Earth, but all life would be long gone in the afterlife or very, very much dead. Then comes the era of supermassive black holes. Black holes would still be around at the time and would suck all the rubble up and other smaller black holes. After a very long period of time, black holes would still be there but smaller. This is thanks to Hawking radiation, the name for the theory that black holes emit radiation from their event horizon. That happens to mean the black hole gets smaller over a googol years, which is equivalent to 10 multiplied by 100 10s, or 100 over 10. After the last black hole fades away, there will be absolutely nothing. Just black, depressing, miserable, empty, nothing.

The next theory is The Big Crunch. This theory is a lot more uplifting than the latter and is based on the idea that the universe will eventually stop expanding and close down to a singular point, and like how our universe started, might explode into a flurry of hot, hot matter and energy. People theorize that the universe is in a never-ending cycle of closing in and bursting and exploding over and over. The uplifting part is that life can keep reforming and rebirthing along with the universe. That means alien plants and alien beings can flourish like humanity did when we were there. It sounds better than absolutely nothing but empty space, but sadly The Big Freeze is the more realistic and possible theory. 

The final theory is The Big Rip. The Big Rip is supposedly the least known of the three and, therefore, the least popular. This theory is based on the idea that the gravity of dark matter will get so strong that the atoms that makeup everything will split into electrons, protons, and neutrons, and therefore everything will rip apart, like the name states. Then again, there will be nothing left in the universe. Not even quarks will be able to survive.

This article seems pretty depressing and includes mostly information about the universe’s impending doom, but it’s science. Science led humans to light bulbs, houses, cellphones, motors, boats, fire, and the miserable truth about our eventual demise. The Big Freeze and The Big Crunch. Let’s just hope the future isn’t a deep dark void of infinite and endless nothingness.