California Science Center

In Los Angeles, there are many interesting tourist attractions such as the La Brea Tar Pits, the LA County Museum of Art, and the California Science Center, that are all unique in their own ways. Many of these attractions can seem very similar, but the California Science Center is one of the most unique places. Mainly a childrens’ type of museum, it offers many exciting activities and exhibits for kids to excitedly explore. 


    These exhibits currently include four special exhibits, and five permanent exhibits. Two of the special exhibits include Angkor: The Lost Empire of Cambodia, and Mission 26: The Big Endeavour. Angkor: The Lost Empire of Cambodia is an international exhibition that features over 120 ancient artifacts. This exhibit takes visitors back 900 years to explore daily life and engineering in the ancient Khmer empire. There is also an IMAX movie that tourists can watch that goes more in depth of the Khmer empire. Mission 26: The Big Endeavour is a space shuttle that traveled from LAX Airport in Los Angeles to the California Science Center in 2012. Beforehand, the mission traveled all across the United States starting its journey in Cape Canaveral, Florida. It made several stops on the way before finally arriving in California. The exhibit however, features the actual space shuttle, and many panels showing and explaining the mission that the Endeavour took. It highlights a few of the amazing scenes witnessed by Californians all around the state. 


    Two of the permanent exhibits include the Fire! Science & Safety exhibit and the Ecosystems exhibit. Fire! Science & Safety teaches kids and family to better understand fires, prevent them, and protect themselves from them. Visitors are able to safely create fake fire out of various ingredients, which helps people with handling and preventing fires. The Ecosystems exhibit teaches visitors about the various ecosystems on Earth that living organisms live and function in. These include kelp forests, deserts, and both the North and South Poles. 


    The California Science Center is located in Exposition Park in Los Angeles, which is home to sports and entertainment facilities, entertainment venues, and world-class museums, such as the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. Exposition Park was previously a fairgrounds and racetrack which used to be called Agricultural park, but was purchased by the State of California in 1889, and eventually became Exposition Park.  


    In conclusion, the California Science Center is a unique tourist attraction in Los Angeles, that showcases many different science exhibits.