Student Spotlight: Megan J.

Megan J. is a 7th grader who currently attends Kraemer Middle School. She is a funny, kind 12-year-old whom everyone should get to know. 

Megan’s family consists of her mother, father, and older brother. She has a Maltese Poodle named Coconut, or Coco for short. She was born on the 17th of June, in the year 2009. Megan has a lot of cousins – who live in San Francisco, Texas, or Florida – whom she likes to spend time with during visits, which usually occur during summer vacation. 

Megan’s favorite type of food is Thai food because of its exotic flavors and savory dishes. She also enjoys eating Sour Punch because sour delicacies appeal to her tastes. Likewise, her least favorite candies are Twizzlers since, according to her, they are hard to chew and are lacking in flavor. Megan’s preferred drink is Sprite. 

Megan’s electives are Advanced Art and Science Olympiad. Her events in Science Olympiad are Ornithology, Rocks and Minerals, and Bridges. The event most favorable to her is Ornithology because animals, especially birds, are interesting to study. Megan’s favorite subject is English Language Arts because she likes to write stories, especially fiction. Her favorite series is Warriors by Erin Hunter, and she likes reading mystery and fantasy books. This book series is interesting to her because reading about animals living and working in a society captivates her. In the future, Megan would like to be either a veterinarian or an artist. Before coming to Kraemer Middle School, she attended both Van Buren Elementary and Golden Elementary. 

Hawaii and Dubai are Megan’s dream vacation destinations, and she would like to visit them soon. Yellowstone National Park was Megan’s best trip since she got to spend time with her cousins as well as experience a different perspective of nature. Car trips are her preferred method of transportation if the trip is around four to eight hours, but plane trips are more favorable when the trip lasts longer than eight hours. 

Blue and yellow are Megan’s favorite colors because she enjoys bright colors and thinks they go well together. Tigers are Megan’s favorite animal because their many abilities – such as jumping, swimming, and natural camouflage – interest her. Megan enjoys doing a wide range of activities in her free time, such as drawing animals and people and reading. She also plays tennis, which she started doing at around 6th grade. Piano is her main instrument, and classical, romantic, and current tunes are her go-to pieces.