Student Spotlight: Ella W.


Julia W

Ella W is part of the Kraemer marching band.

Ella W. is an 8th grader attending Kraemer Middle School. She lives with her mom, dad, and twin sister, who also goes to Kraemer. Previously, she went to Golden Elementary. When asked, she definitely prefers in-person schooling to online. Her current electives are Computer Tech and Performing Band, and her favorite class is Language Arts. To her, the best part of school is talking to friends, and the worst part is all the homework. Described by peers as friendly, enjoyable, and academically talented, she works hard to accomplish goals outside and inside of school and enjoys making new friends.

Outside of school, Ella participates in activities such as Girl Scouts, karate, and tennis. She has taken part in many service projects, completed her bronze and silver awards, and has earned her junior black belt in karate. However, outside of school and after hours of homework, she likes to let her creativity flow. She takes an interest in various hobbies, as she likes to try different things. She occasionally likes to bring out her artistic side and draw, read some books, or perhaps bake cookies for her family to devour. In her free time, she finds pleasure in just relaxing with her warm blankets, browsing Youtube, and watching Netflix. Recently she has been watching Arcane. Music is also a big part of her daily routine, and she often listens to it while working on homework. Her favorite artists and songs tend to fluctuate regularly, but as of right now, her song and artists of choice are War With Heaven and Keshi.

Ella loves traveling and has been to over nine countries. Her favorite trip by far was exploring the streets and towns of Germany. She really liked the beautiful Christmas markets and delicious food. In fact, one of the reasons she likes adventuring to different places is because of the different cuisines. However, she has a strong negative opinion about excursions to deserts and believes it’s one of the least appealing places to go because of its extreme weather and dry climates. If she had a chance to go anywhere in the world without a budget, she would take her friends on an adventure to Japan. To Ella, Japanese food is the best food in the world and she loves to eat it during family gatherings. Speaking of, Christmas is her favorite holiday because of the wholesome vibes when getting together with family, receiving and giving presents, decorating, and especially the colder weather that comes from winter. Winter is her favorite season because she dislikes the hot weather that comes with summer. She appreciates rainy days, but only when she is inside and not getting soaked. 

A likable and unique person, Ella has been having fun with her experience at Kraemer and looks forward to joining the Tigers of Valencia next year.