The History of KMS

Kraemer Middle School’s mission is to put students first with an emphasis on creativity and inclusion. By doing so, students all over campus feel comfortable and at ease. The school was founded in 1960, named after Daniel Kraemer, a historical figure of Placentia. There are several clubs, academic opportunities, and resources available that allow students to collaborate with each other and enjoy their time at Kraemer. In addition to the multiple given activities, there are also supporting staff members and students that make the experience worthwhile.

One of the most creative aspects of Kraemer is its clubs. From Color Guard to Guitar Club, there are several engaging clubs to join, all of which are very accepting and encouraging. Many clubs take place during school hours, such as Fellowship and KTV. Within these activities, students have the opportunity to unite with others and share their perspectives on different topics. By having various clubs, students can also meet new people with the same interests and make new friends. 

Another distinctive feature of Kraemer is the academic options. This school includes the Valencia Bridge Program, where students are offered challenging high school level courses that push them to experience a more intense curriculum. There are several benefits to joining the program, such as becoming accustomed to the new environment and accessing advanced courses earlier on. In addition to the Bridge Program, the GATE Program allows gifted and talented students to learn lessons using analysis, depth, and creative problem-solving. Furthermore, there is the AVID Program, where students gain more preparation for college by learning skills such as organization and critical thinking. The program is offered from kindergarten through twelfth grade, giving students several years to develop the skills.

Lastly, Kraemer offers many resources for students in all subjects to provide help wherever needed. The tutoring service is available 24/7 for anyone that needs immediate homework help and has tutors that can work with students one on one as wanted. In addition, the Kraemer website has linked tons of different useful websites for students that deliver information to help with each subject based on the curriculum being taught in each grade. Having the links displayed gives students the chance to look back on what they have learned and access any additional information in case they need more help. Overall, Kraemer Middle School has been able to provide students with many opportunities that make the school much more diverse and creative.