Inspirational Book Characters

Many inspirational book characters are brave, confident, and kind.


Many inspirational book characters are brave, confident, and kind.

The characters in books, whether side or main, are all created to be perfectly believable and larger-than-life, almost as if they could step off the pages and into the real world. This is what compels readers to keep flipping the pages and eventually finish the story while reminiscing about their favorite characters. And most often, these “favorite” characters are those who are the most inspiring and good-hearted. So who are the most inspirational book characters of all time, and what made readers love them?

The lists, gathered from the opinions and votes of the public, include dozens of cherished book characters, including Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter franchise and Elizabeth Bennet, the protagonist of the widely popular novel Pride and Prejudice, both of whom were ranked at the very top of the lists. But what makes Hermione Granger and Elizabeth Bennet appeal so much to readers? Hermione Granger, for one, has attracted readers because of her wit and her tendency to always be herself, no matter how others might influence her. She is always buried in books and prioritizes friendship and studying over appearances and popularity- traits that many admire and can relate to. Additionally, Hermione has proven again and again her loyalty to her friends and her bravery and selflessness to do the right thing. Elizabeth Bennet embodies an intelligent and lively young woman who isn’t afraid to speak her mind and cares less about societal norms and how they apply to her. But what really makes readers adore her is her ability to give others second chances and be open to anything. This is shown in how her first impression of Mr. Darcy, her eventual true love, isn’t the best and causes her to reject his marriage proposals numerous times. But after she discovers the truer side of his personality, she realizes she had been wrong and falls for him. This perception of openness and acceptance is what has led many readers to pin her as one of the most iconic and inspirational characters in literature thus far.

Some honorable mentions for most inspiring characters are Jane Eyre from the book of the same name, Atticus Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird, Eowyn from The Lord of the Rings, Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games series, and Athena from The Odyssey. Jane Eyre is revered for her integrity and self-dignity, as she possesses a sense of nobility and responsibility. Atticus Finch is seen as the “father figure,” and he always follows his conscience and fights for justice in a world that is corrupt and twisted. Meanwhile, Eowyn is a rebel- a girl with a fearless attitude who challenges social customs and strongly fights for what she wants. Katniss, the popular main character of The Hunger Games, stole many readers’ hearts as they read how she fiercely protected her family and stuck up for what she thought was right. Katniss inspired many to be courageous and break barriers. Finally, Athena is one of the most inspirational characters because she is the goddess of war and wisdom and thus holds the power of great cleverness and wisdom. She played an essential part in helping Odysseus win the war and is loved because of her resourcefulness and her confidence.

Due to limited space, not all the characters who appeared on the lists were able to appear in this article, but that doesn’t mean they are any less inspiring than the characters featured here. All characters are inspiring in one way or another, whether it be because they’re relatable, admirable, or both. As long as they can make a positive difference in the readers and their perceptions of the world, they have done their job efficiently.