What’s so Great About Disney’s Encanto?


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A photo of the Madrigal family from Encanto

Released on November 24, 2021, Disney’s Encanto was a box office hit, earning $239,972,091 worldwide. This 1 hour and 42-minute movie follows the magical family Madrigal in Colombia. Each person in this family has been blessed with a special and unique gift or ability, except for the main character, Mirabel. All of this magic comes from a special candle, or “the miracle,” which also fuels the magic of their living house, “casita,” and the entire town. The audience follows Mirabel’s adventure as she tries to pinpoint the source and solution of the steadily weakening candle and how she and her family learn a powerful lesson in the midst of it all. Encanto boomed and became a huge hit as soon as it came out. Why is this? What’s so great and special about Disney’s Encanto?

One of the many reasons why Encanto is a Disney fan favorite is for its arguably incredibly catchy soundtrack. Disney movies are known for their memorable songs shown throughout the years, whether it be Frozen’s “Let It Go” or Aladdin’s “A Whole New World.” Written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, who is also known for his musicals Hamilton and In the Heights and his songs in Moana, another popular Disney movie, the entirety of the Encanto soundtrack is a hit, soaring to the top of the Billboard 200 Albums Chart. The soundtrack consists of eight songs, “The Family Madrigal,” “Waiting on a Miracle,” “Surface Pressure,” “We Don’t Talk About Bruno,” “What Else Can I Do?”, “Colombia, Mi Encanto,” “Dos Oruguitas,” and “All of You.” “We Don’t Talk About Bruno,” in particular, was a sensation. Surpassing even Frozen’s “Let It Go,” “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” rose to be the highest-charting song from a Disney film in the 21st century, hitting number one on the Billboard Hot 100. Overall, the Encanto soundtrack is incredibly popular, making it one of the top reasons for the movie’s success.

The many characters are another major factor in the popularity of the film. Fans fell in love and related to members and family dynamics of the Madrigal family, whether it be the perfectionist sibling, the black sheep, or the overburdened elder sibling. Many become invested with the characters due to their traits and attributes. 

Encanto is also appreciated because of its vivid representation of its setting and its cultures. Taking place in Colombia, South America, the movie resonates with Latinos and Colombians. Not only that, each character has their own different features, showing the varieties of Colombian people. This representation gives not only children but everyone characters to relate and look up to. 

Additionally, many also relate to the message behind the movie. Abuela, the caretaker of the candle fueling all of the magic, and the one keeping together the family, received the candle after the death of her husband. Due to the trauma of this loss, she protected the candle and its magic, no matter what cost. As a result, many in her family were hurt due to her high expectations and sometimes demeaning manner. Because Mirabel didn’t receive a gift, she was deemed unimportant. Even those blessed gifts weren’t happy. Isabela, the “perfect sister,” hated being perfect, and Luisa, with her gift being superhuman strength, couldn’t handle the pressure of being the strong one and having to do everything. However, this family conflict was resolved, and the bond between Abuela and the family was healed by the end of the movie. Many related to the movie’s intergenerational trauma and family dynamics, making it another reason why the film is so liked. 

There are many factors behind Encanto’s success. Through its music, setting, characters, theme, and many more, the story is pulled together. This Disney film is sure to be popular for years to come.