Book Review: The Death On The Nile


via Wikimedia Commons

The Nile River, where The Death On The Nile takes place.

The book, The Death On The Nile, is a famous piece written by Agatha Christie, and it is based on a murder-mystery novel in 1937 by Agatha Christie. The book is about the work of a Belgian detective, Hercule Poirot, known for solving many impossible crime cases. 

Linnet Ridgeway reportedly stole Simon Doyle from his former fiance, Jacqueline de Bellefort. She is enraged because she loves Simon Doyle with all her heart and can’t let him go. Jacqueline follows Doyle wherever he goes as a method of revenge. When Linnet and Simon arrived at their destination in Egypt for their honeymoon, Jacqueline had already arrived and waited for them. Just as Simon Doyle thinks Jacqueline has stopped following them after taking a private cruise on the Nile, Jacqueline appears, which makes Linnet extremely scared. Linnet secretly talks to the detective, Hercule Poirot, pointing out that many enemies surround her and that they can’t trust anybody if she is wealthy. Hercule Poirot is taking a break from being a detective on a cruise along the Nile river, and the people with him are Linnet Ridgeway, a young lady on her honeymoon, and her husband, Simon Doyle. After they get used to having Jacqueline around them, things take a turn for the better, and they are having a blast. Everything is going great until Linnet is found dead in her bedroom with a bullet hole in her head. They are all isolated in the middle of the Nile. With the evidence Hercule Poirot put together earlier on the trip, he discovers that not everyone is as they seem and because of what Linnet said about being surrounded by enemies.

 Poirot is under an incredible amount of stress after seeing that a maid on the cruise ship was killed because she witnessed the murder of Linnet first hand. Poirot starts interviewing everybody and accuses every single person of Linnet’s death to see how they react and how they’re able to get out of the conversation. While interviewing a person accompanying Simon Doyle and Linnet on their honeymoon, the “suspect” gets shot in front of Poirot, and he gets a glimpse of the murderer in the black cloak. They chase each other, and Poirot loses the murderer after everybody freaks out and starts coming out of their cabins. That night, Poirot comes up with a plan. He traps everybody on the cruise in one room and starts explaining to everybody what each interviewer said and how he reacted. He pieces everything together and concludes that Simon killed Linnet. Jacqueline was also behind it, acting as the mastermind. Simon still loved Jacqueline, so he murdered Linnet to inherit her money so he could have a good life with Jacqueline after the trip.