Valorant: Video Game Review

A photo of Valorant characters

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A photo of Valorant characters

Valorant is a first-person shooter game on the PC platform, developed and published by Riot Games in 2020. It has become very popular since the COVID-19 pandemic started. With little opportunities to travel, many people, ranging from middle schoolers to young adults, have turned to video games, like Valorant, for entertainment. Valorant has many unique play styles and strategies incorporated into it, as well as ever-changing updates and game mechanics. These concepts make Valorant a fun and competitive game, causing it to become so popular in recent years.

Valorant is a tactical shooter game, incorporating aim, strategy, and teamwork into its playstyle like many other popular games. It is a 5v5 team fight designated on specific maps and revolves around planting and defusing bombs to win. The team that wins thirteen rounds first wins the match. However, this concept of planting and defusing a bomb is not what actually makes the game so fun. Valorant is such a fun game because of the eighteen unique playable agents, each equipped with three abilities and an ultimate ability. This completely changes the game from a purely skill and strategy-based gun game into a creative game of wits and skill to see who is truly the better team. Although skill is still an essential factor, a good player is also highly reliant on creativity to use their abilities to fully bring out their potential. Different agents’ abilities are also split into four main categories. These include helping to kill opponents, assisting teammates, controlling the map, or even getting information.

Valorant, like many other games, has been ever-changing since its release in 2020. Game developers from Riot Games would almost always release new content each time there is a patch update or new episode/act. This new content is released in an alternating pattern between developing and releasing a new agent, then a map, and so on. Riot Games also occasionally use some patch updates specifically to fix bugs, glitches, reported issues, and even balance different agents’ abilities. This is mainly because Valorant is a very fast-developing game, causing many bugs in the coding with each update, therefore developing a need to clean up these issues in specific patch updates. A good example of this would be the upcoming 4.2 patch update, where no new content will be released. Still, many currently present problems will be resolved, ranging from the aforementioned bugs and glitches to the issues that beginners have with smurfs (experienced players on an alternate account).

In conclusion, Valorant’s unique playstyle and game mechanics has earned its spot in one of the most popular shooter games of 2021. The consistent and frequent updates also keep content fresh for new and experienced players by adding new maps or agents with nearly every update. Valorant’s game designers are also exceptionally responsible as they thrive to fix any issues within the game to make the experiences of all players as entertaining as possible. Overall, Valorant is an extremely fun game that many teens and young adults can play in their free time to relax and have fun, alone or with friends.