Famous New York Attractions

The Statue of LIberty is one of the many attractions to visit in New York


The Statue of LIberty is one of the many attractions to visit in New York

It’s no secret that New York has some of the most popular tourist attractions in the U.S.; from the Statue of Liberty to the famous Times Square, New York has it all. The countless memories being made every day make it a must-see destination. In addition, the Empire State Building, which is the fourth tallest building in America, is one of the most famous structures in the U.S., with an astonishing 102 floors. And every year since 2011, New York celebrates winter as few others do; an incredible one-acre castle made entirely out of ice is built in Lake George.

In 1885, France gifted America the golden Statue of Liberty as a symbol of friendship and freedom. New York even named the island where the Statue lies, “Liberty Island,” where people can take a ride on a boat to visit the beauty. Unfortunately, over the years, the magnificent creation started to turn green. Since it’s mostly made out of copper, it reacts with oxygen over long periods of time. Just like very old pennies, the statue eventually turned green. 

While the Statue of Liberty is an astonishing 305 feet tall, it’s tiny compared to the Empire State Building, which stands at 1,250 feet. It contains 102 stories, an outdoor observation deck on the 86th floor, and an indoor viewing on the top floor. On clear days, one can even see up to 80 miles, viewing neighboring states like New Jersey or Pennsylvania. And although the view from the top floors is amazing, waiting in line to go up is often not; it can sometimes take hours to be able to enjoy the experience.

New York has witnessed so many incredible and memorable things, but they’ve also inevitably been victims of horrible actions. This includes the tragic event of 9/11, where terrorists hijacked planes and carried out suicide attacks on the twin towers and the Pentagon. Few survived, and it became a day to remember because of the sacrifice of first responders and the deaths of too many. Now, where the towers once stood are memorials with the names of all the deceased, and they even recognized the only tree to survive the attacks as a symbol of the horrifying day. Even though 9/11 was an unforgettable day, New York has done many more things that make everything a little better.

Another attraction is a spectacular ice castle created every year that people can visit from February to early March. This ice castle is like “Frozen” in real life; it’s designed and built out of more than 25 million pounds of ice by professional artists. This fantastic creation was built in Lake George, about 200 miles north of New York City, and designers created a plan to recycle the ice from the lake when it freezes. When it gets warmer in March, the ice melts back into the lake, and they’re able to reuse the water. Once in the ice castles, tourists can experience the incredibly lit up palace with fountains, carved sculptures, tunnels, and slides. The castle is entirely made by hand and can even take thousands of hours to complete.

New York is a worthy place to visit on vacation. People can do many things while there, like visiting the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, the Twin Tower memorial, or the one-acre ice castle in Lake George.