Gordon Ramsay’s New Food Show: Next Level Chef

Gordon Ramsay is one of the three world class chefs hosting the show


Gordon Ramsay is one of the three world class chefs hosting the show

Gordon Ramsay is known to have an assortment of Michelin Stars and TV Shows, like MasterChef, MasterChef Junior, and Hell’s Kitchen. Recently released a new, exciting show called Next Level Chef. 

In this competition, there are three world-class chefs hosting; Gordon Ramsay, Richard Blais, and Nyesha Arrington. Fifteen cooks ranging from professional line cooks to social media chefs arrived from around the country to compete and try to win the title of the Next Level Chef. Aside from the bragging rights, the winner will also receive 250,000 dollars as well as one year of mentorship from the three hosts. However, there is a twist. Three kitchens are stacked on top of each other in a building, where the bottom is the bare minimum, only providing one burner stove, a few knives, etc. The middle kitchen is the average restaurant kitchen equipped with utilities like blenders and a burner top. The top kitchen is completely decked out and has every state of the art kitchen utility tool one could think of. Deep fryers, razor-sharp knives, madeleines, and more are included in this kitchen. Gordon, Richard, and Nyesha all chose five individuals that they wanted on their team and, for each round, were randomly assigned to cook in one of the kitchens. A platform with random ingredients would drop down from top to bottom in each round, leaving the best foods for the top and scraps for the bottom. Contestants will then attempt to create the best dish possible and whoever’s the best keeps their team safe from elimination. The other two hosts are left to choose one of their members to compete against each other in order to be safe from elimination.

This show is currently airing on DirectTV and Hulu. People who love food and cooking will be thrilled to watch this show, even though it can make one hungry. Gordon and his crew definitely did it again with this amazing new program, as always. The excitement and suspense is sure to keep the audience’s attention throughout the show because there is so much of it.