Robots Serving Food at the 2022 Winter Olympics



2022 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony

The 2022 Winter Olympics, held in Beijing, hosts competitions of the finest athletes from 91 different nations. Every four winters, athletes engage in this cultivated celebration of humanity, and this year some of the staff are not so human. Robots have been making food, cocktails, and coffee at the 2022 Beijing Olympics.

Robots are reducing human contact among attendees of the Beijing Winter Olympics. According to China’s state news agency, these robots prepare food, mix drinks, brew coffee, create souvenirs, mopping floors, and more. In some eateries, food is not ordered from waiters but from customers’ phones. One of the diners at the media center, MMC Smart Restaurant, has more than ten smart catering equipment, including an automatic fried wok, a sky track, a burger machine, and the bartender. The sky track functions by traveling through tracks on the ceiling, then dropping meals onto the diner’s tables, separated by plexiglass. The machine requires two people to operate, one regulating the food, one regulating the computer system. The robots cook one meal a day for each of the pots, set for sanitation and efficiency (no cross-contamination). Robot chefs’ programs and heat can be controlled accurately, making the food achieve standards similar to any renowned chef. Zhong Zhanpeng, the project supervisor of MMC Smart Restaurant, plans to invite a well-known chef into the smart restaurant, to receive information on the standard operating procedures and input the data into the machines. Journalists and reviewers have praised the efficiency and experience of the restaurant, admiring its coordination.

Robots have even been maintaining the media center, mopping the floors, and carrying garbage in robotic bins. Disinfecting robots roam around the hotel releasing disinfecting mist into the air. These robots still receive a daily COVID test. At the cocktail and coffee bar, the baristas and bartenders are fully mechanical. Mr. Mix, the robotic bartender who went viral, has been preparing alcoholic drinks throughout the Olympics. Mr. Mix copies cocktail-making steps that a human bartender uses. The machine imitates the moves of a human that has been captured by a camera and converted into data. Customers rave about the amusement in the robot’s work and the exceptional quality of the drinks.

China vowed to safely host the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, and these robotic workers are proof of that effort. Not only do these machines reduce the need for human contact, but they work in an unseen efficiency. Robots like these only continue to improve, and people can guarantee to see them used in future historical events.