Russo-Ukrainian Crisis


The Flag of Ukraine

Russia has been pressuring Ukraine for several years now. Their most recent move is sending over   150,000 troops along the border with Ukraine. This brash act has caused some panic in the West, as this sudden buildup of forces makes it seem like Russia is considering a possible invasion of Ukraine. The buildup of soldiers comes as Ukraine looks into joining NATO. If Ukraine does decide to do so, war could be imminent. 

This buildup has obviously not gone unnoticed, with the U.S and its allies sending military equipment to aid the Ukrainian. This buildup is applying tension on everyone, and on February 15, 2022, Germany’s Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, held a 4-hour meeting with Putin to discuss the problem at hand. In this meeting, Putin stated that he does not want war with Europe, but that his concerns about the security of Russia must be taken seriously. However, Putin did say that he was not planning an incursion and eased some of the tension by announcing the withdrawal of some troops. A tweet made by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson read that he was getting “mixed signals” from Russia. This is because UK intelligence recorded Russian field hospitals being built near the border, which could “only be construed as a preparation for an invasion.”

Putin’s claim of reducing military presence near Ukraine was found to be false, thanks to U.S. intelligence officials. In fact, the opposite has been shown, and approximately 7,000 more Russian troops have shown up at the border in the past couple of days. On February 16, 2022, an anonymous senior administration official said that it seems as if Russia is preparing for war, despite their public claims that they are not and are willing to open diplomacy to ease tensions with the West. This anonymous official has also pointed out some indications that Russia is creating a “false flag” operation to use as a pretext to justify an invasion of its neighbor, Ukraine. This could include reports of unmarked graves that the Ukrainian armed forces were allegedly behind. The “false flag” operation could also range from assertions that the U.S. and Ukraine are working together to developing a biological or chemical weapon used to kill the local residents. The official has reported both of these scenarios to be categorically false. 

This disconnect between Russia’s words and actions leads to uncertainty of the outcome Ukraine will face. However, the world is bracing itself for the worst in the event that Putin will, in fact, decide to invade Ukraine.