Shooting in Washington State Grocery Store


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A Supermarket

On February 7th, 2022, one person was killed, and another injured during a shooting in a grocery store located in Washington State. The shooting happened at around 11 a.m., the very last time Justin Krumbah would step into the store, and the very first time Mark Hill, another victim, would be injured there. Police said that thirty-nine-year-old Aaron Christopher Kelly, the main suspect, was taken into custody the very same day due to his connection with the shooting. Kelly was later transferred to Benton County Jail, with his charges being first-degree murder as well as first-degree attempted murder. While being arrested, the suspect showed no signs of resisting or any unexpected trouble. 

Later on, a warrant was issued to Kelly regarding first-degree murder and stated that he committed the crime. Not only did he kill a person, but he attempted to kill another, who was said to be recovering in a nearby hospital. The survivor was an employee working at the store, and the critical injuries they obtained will require several days of treatment. The police’s statement described Kelly as both armed and dangerous. After the police arrived at the scene, they noted that Kelly spoke to Justin Krumbah, the victim. Although it wasn’t clear what they were talking about or whether or not they knew each other, police know that Krumbah was killed only seconds later with a handgun. In addition, the motive of the crime wasn’t clear, as it could have just been out of current emotion.

After Kelly killed and injured two people within the store, he fled and was caught leaving the scene in his car. It took the police approximately twelve hours to find him, but this manhunt ultimately led to his arrest. The shooting was not the only crime Kelly had committed, though. Previously, he had been to court a few times for different reasons. The first was an accusation of burglary, and the second was harassment against a roommate. However, both court cases showed that either he wasn’t guilty or that there wasn’t enough evidence to make a further decision. 

While the investigation continues, the store remains closed, and the company has been working closely with law enforcement to view what occurred in more detail. The second victim wishes to not be named, but it was clear that they would need surgery to restore the employee’s health. The location of the market is in Richland, Washington, around 220 miles east of downtown Portland.