Researchers believe they’ve just found who betrayed Anne and her family


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A photo of Anne Frank, whose diary shed light on the lives of Jews during the Holocaust.

Anne Frank was a young, energetic Jewish girl who lived in Amsterdam during WWII when the Nazis rose to power, causing mass panic towards the Jewish community. Anne Frank is special because when she was in hiding, she received a diary to write down everything that she wanted to. This meant that Anne could practically document everything and anything she wanted during her time in hiding, but sadly she and her family were found since some unknown source had told the Nazis where they were hiding.


Now, who exactly was this unknown person? Many investigators have tried to answer this question, yet nothing has come up in the 1947 and 1963 investigations. During the most recent investigation, they had help from retired FBI agent Vince Pankoke, highly skilled psychologists, historians, archivists, war crime investigators, and criminologists to make sure no detail was left unchecked and to get to the bottom of who exactly told the Nazis where Anne Frank and her family were hiding. The investigators had combed through over 30 suspects in 20 different scenarios, and they had found an unsigned message that was believed to be sent from a Jewish Council member. Now, some believe that the person was none other than Ans van Dijk since he was the one responsible for betraying 145 Jewish people; but the fact is that he just didn’t fit the profile. So the investigators did some more research, diving deeper into the case, and soon figured out that it was none other than Van Den Bergh since he was the only known Jewish Council member to have access to the hiding places of the Jewish people. But why exactly would he do such a horrendous thing to his people?


Van Den Bergh did this because the Nazis had tried to send him and his family to one of their many concentration camps, he struck up an offer with them. He would give the Nazis the locations of where Jews were hiding in return for his and his own family’s safety and protection. The only way Van Den Bergh was able to find the locations of the hiding places was because he had an unknown informant that would give him the locations of the hiding places of Jews.


In conclusion, Van Den Bergh was the cause for Anne and her family getting caught and possibly many other unknown families that Van Den Bergh informed the Nazis about. But then again, he was just a person willing to do anything to keep his family safe, even if that meant sacrificing hundreds of others to keep them safe. There is, however, a slight chance, though, that Van Den Bergh wasn’t the person who got Anne and her family caught.