Student Spotlight: Reese W.

Reese W. can be described in many ways: passionate, creative, friendly, and clever. Not only is she a seventh grader here at Kraemer Middle, but she leads a productive life through numerous hobbies and topics.

Born to a family of four, including her older brother Austin and later, her eight-year-old border collie/labrador mix, Kona, Reese lived in Scottsdale, Arizona, until the age of four. She then moved to Fullerton and attended Sierra Vista Elementary School. After passing the GATE test, Reese transferred to Golden Elementary School, where she went until graduating in the 6th grade. 

Currently, Reese appreciates her time here at Kraemer Middle, with its new atmosphere and more people to meet. Alongside that, she enjoys seeing her friends daily and the numerous things to learn, although she procrastinates now and then on her work. Though she likes her numerous classes, Language Arts would be her favorite because she can discover classic novels in the subject, while science would be her least favorite as it’s a difficult topic for her. The things she is currently learning in the class aren’t of interest to her. On top of it all, Reese’s two electives are Spanish because of her interest in learning new languages and Performing Band, as she likes playing the bass clarinet. 

Outside of school, Reese spends her time delving into her many interests and hobbies. Playing tennis, reading, and writing are some examples of many. Reese’s favorite book series is the Maze Runner series, as its genre is one of her favorites: dystopian, science fiction, and apocalyptic. Because science fiction is one of her favorite genres, Reese’s favorite T.V. series is Lost in Space, a show about a family who struggles to survive after being stranded on a planet. 

Writing is a huge part of Reese’s life. As she grows older, Reese aspires to become an author because of her love for reading and writing and her hope to inspire others to read, just like how her inspirations have done for her. To work towards this goal, Reese practices and enhances her writing by creating short stories. Additionally, she plans to apply to OCSA or the Orange County School of the Arts for high school to learn more about the writing program there. 

Overall, Reese W. leads a fairly busy life, both academically and hobby-wise. Throughout her time here, she looks forward to the new experiences middle school will bring. Her goals and skills are admirable, and she’s a great friend to have around.