Robots In Restaurants


The Spoon

Robots like this could be the future of our experience in restaurants

Ever since the 1980s, robots in restaurants have been showcased around the world as a way to gain popularity and profit. The first-ever robots to have functioned in restaurants were Tanbo R-1 and Tambo R-2, built in Japan to operate in California. After viewing the robots, it is clear that there has been a huge technological advancement in the way robots work today. Although the benefits of having these machines can help some restaurants remain open, incorporating them into the eatery can be a huge risk. If the service goes wrong, the restaurant could deal with many issues. However, there have been several dining places that took the risk and rose to fame.

One of the top robot restaurants in the world is the Haohai restaurant in China. The restaurant employs robot workers for no pay, allowing the business to profit more. In addition, they have different robots to serve separate purposes. These include entertainment, waiting, cleaning, cooking, and presentation. The eatery has acquired its technology at a higher level than other countries, making its business a lot more competitive. Because of the great service provided, the restaurant has become one of the world’s best robot eateries to this day.

Another example is the Hajime restaurant in Thailand. The restaurant includes assistance by a robot and has a show put on by other robots as their form of entertainment. Customers can order from touchscreen devices and be served by a Samurai-themed robot. The show begins while waiting to be served and makes the dining experience much more enjoyable and unforgettable. The restaurant deserves a visit, and as robots provide the whole service, it can surely offer a time to remember. 

Altogether, robot restaurants have become more popular in recent times and are a good place to travel to for a delightful experience. In the future, seeing these types of restaurants may be more common, but having previous insight on the dining options can be useful, as seeing the new advancements added can be a reminder of how risky companies are getting to profit. However, although daring, these eateries are much more amusing and draw customers in as opposed to regular restaurants. It is clear that in the future, several themed diners and machine-operated restaurants will become a reality and will benefit greatly from their unique options.