Honduras First Female President


The Honduras Flag

January 27, 2022, declared itself a great day in history for Hondura and is even globally recognized as a big step forward. On this particular Thursday, Honduran politician Xiomara Castro took office as the 56th president of Honduras. Together with thousands of audience members, the inauguration took place in the Honduras capital, Tegucigalpa. Castro won a landslide victory during the November 2021 elections, winning 51% of the vote share and 1.7 million votes. 

Born in Tegucigalpa, Castro had never had any political ambitions in her early years. She mainly devoted her time towards family life, supporting her husband as he weaved his way through the world of politics himself. However, life changed for Castro at the age of 49. In 2009, Castro had been put in the political spotlight. This first started when she had led a march, demanding her husband – Honduras’ president from 2006 to 2009 – be put back into office after being ousted in a military coup. Four years later, Castro decided to run in the 2013 election herself, after recently being the first lady. Although she came in second with 28% of the votes, she still made an impact on the voters. After that campaign, Castro ran again in 2017 but still didn’t receive enough votes. Undiscouraged, Castro decided to run again and entered the 2021 elections. With her campaign in the 2021 elections came a great response, which allowed her to make it to the top post in Honduras. She even received an audience of foreign officials American Vice President Harris, the first female American vice president, and Taiwanese Vice President William Lai on the day of her inauguration. 

Garnering the largest number of votes in the country’s history, Castro promised a radical agenda to “counter years of governance plagued by corruption and scandal.” She plans on tackling powerful drug trafficking gangs and liberalizing strict abortion laws. Castro touches on subjects such as national debt in her inauguration speech, saying, “The economic catastrophe that I’m inheriting is unparalleled in the history of our country.” She promises to stamp out root causes of migration to the north, such as economic insecurity and inequality, corruption, and violence. These promises make her an attractive candidate for the electorate. Honduras is hopeful and looking forward to Castro’s presidency as she guarantees, “My government will not continue the maelstrom of looting that has condemned generations of young people to pay the debt they incurred behind their back.”

Castro’s presidency has changed the view of countries around the world. Since her victory, she has promised many progressive changes and has overall brought hope and a new wave of positivity for the country.