King Richard Movie Review


via Wikimedia Commons

King Richard is about Venus and Serena Williams and their father, who taught them how to play tennis.

King Richard is a newly released movie, directed by Reinaldo Marcus Green and starring Will Smith. It is a drama/sports film and tells the legendary story of the star tennis players Venus and Serena Williams. 

Will Smith played Richard Williams, the father of Serena and Venus. This family lived in a rough and dangerous part of Compton, California, and constantly feared attack. Richard planned to teach them tennis and get them professional coaches, hoping that they would eventually play professionally. The girls went every day to a local, run-down tennis court to practice only with the help of Richard and his wife. Because this was a very rough area, gangs often beat up Richard and caused trouble around the city. The family persevered, which gave them even more motivation to become professionals in tennis and move out. 

Eventually, Richard had taught his daughters everything he knew about tennis and needed an actual coach to get them to the next level. He went to many clubs and tried to make a deal, explaining that his daughters were better than anyone and needed free coaching. None of them accepted the deal, until Venus and Serena had a short session to show a coach their skills. Venus was able to receive free training, but Serena was sadly left out, only because they could not afford it. Venus continued on to win many junior tournaments, and they moved to Florida to pursue more tennis.

 Behind all of this, Serena was still working hard training herself with the help of her mother. On the other hand, Venus was becoming so skilled that Nike tried to sign a contract with them for 3 million dollars, with her still only being a teenager. However, the Williams made a very bold decision to reject the offer, with the hope and knowledge that they would get an even better contract in the future. Venus went on to play the current best tennis player in the world, Arantxa Sánchez Vicario. Almost anyone would not last a second against Vicario, but Venus won 1 game out of 3, and even though she still lost, people recognized her for being that good at a young age, and she signed with Reebok for 13 million dollars. To this day, Serena is the best tennis player in the world, and Venus is very well known all across the globe.

This movie was very inspiring because it showed that anyone can achieve their dreams no matter what the circumstances are, whether they are good or bad.