Spider-Man: No Way Home Review


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Spider-Man: No Way Home features all three Peter Parker’s: Toby Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is a Marvel Studios film directed by Jon Watts and premiered on December 17th, 2021. The film follows the aftermath of Spider-Man: Far From Home, with Spider-Man’s identity being revealed by Quentin Beck, or his villain name, Mysterio. This film brings back many Villains from past Spider-Man film adaptations as well as beloved past Spider-Men. 

The film starts with Peter Parker in the middle of New York, just as the previous film revealed his secret identity. He then swings away with MJ as they are both being bombarded with questions. Spider-Man and MJ swing back to his house where Happy Hogan and Peter’s Aunt May have broken up. Over the next few days, the house is under watch by helicopters until the police get a search warrant and come into the apartment and take everyone into custody. There, they are all interrogated and are released. Back at their apartment, Lawyer Matt Murdock makes a cameo and tells them that they will need a lawyer for the case.

 Later on, after Peter’s life has really been affected by his identity being revealed, Peter turns to Stephen Strange to see if he could cast some sort of spell that would make the whole world forget that Peter was Spider-Man. But while Doctor Strange was casting the spell, Peter kept altering it, and eventually, the spell broke. Stephen then kicked out Peter, and Peter tried to talk to someone from the college administration that could help get him and his friends into college. 

Peter finds her in her car on the bridge and tries to talk to her until his Spidey Senses go off, and Peter looks over to where he hears something going on. Robotic-like tentacles break through the bridge and reveal Dr. Otto Octavious, otherwise known as Doc Ock, from the original Sam Raimi Spider-Man films, played by Alfred Molina. Otto recognizes Spider-Man, but Peter is confused, as he doesn’t know who this is. Peter and Otto break into a fight on the bridge until Otto gets the upper hand and is about to kill Peter until he reveals his identity to Otto. Otto is taken aback by this, and he sees that this Peter Parker is not the Peter Parker he knows. However, Otto’s shock gives Peter enough time to hack into Doc Ock’s robot arms and stop him from causing further damage. Peter takes them back onto the bridge, but suddenly, a new villain appears. Green Goblin from the Sam Raimi films, played by William Dafoe. Norman (Green Goblin) throws his signature pumpkin bombs and blows up some of the bridge. Otto recognizes Norman and is confused because Norman was supposed to be dead. Suddenly, he and Peter are transported to Doctor Strange. 

Peter is confused by what is happening, and Strange explains that when the spell was ruined, instead of making everyone forget he was Spider-Man, it brought in everyone who knew who Peter was from every universe. Stephen then plans to capture everyone the spell had brought in and send them back to their universes. Peter then goes out and catches the rest of the villains and sends them to Strange. However, there’s a catch: everyone who was brought in from the spell was taken right as they were about to die, so sending them back would mean everyone would still die. Peter and everyone who was brought in by the spell didn’t want this, so Peter interrupts what Stephen is about to do and stops him from sending everyone back. 

Peter’s plan now is to “fix” everyone in hopes that it would in some way change the events that happened in their universe so that they won’t die. Unfortunately, Peter’s plan fails and can only cure Otto before the Visitors escape, and Norman kills Aunt May before leaving. Peter, devastated and wanting nothing but to just send everyone back, goes to grieve on top of his high school. 

MJ and Peter’s other friend, Ned, are worried about Peter since they haven’t heard from him in a while. Ned then says that he wished Peter was just there with them until a spark of Doctor Strange’s portal appears. Ned then says it again with more confidence using Stephen’s portal opener that he obtained from Peter after he fought Strange. As the portal opens, they see Spider-Man, but as he gets closer to the portal and jumps through it, they realize it isn’t Peter, or at least it’s not Ned and MJ’s Peter. Spider-Man takes off his mask, and it’s revealed that this Peter is the Peter Parker from the TASM (The Amazing Spider-Man) films played by the actor, Andrew Garfield. After seeing it’s not their Peter Parker, Ned opens another portal to have another Peter Parker walk through the portal played by the actor Toby Maguire from the first Spider-Man film trilogy. After many conversations between all of them, they all go find Peter (Tom Holland) and make up a plan to cure all the villains and send them back home. 

It all comes together with the three Spider-Men and all of the Villains fighting. The fight includes amazing visuals, breathtaking moments, characters redeeming themselves, and altogether a great final act. However, after the fight, the Green Goblin flies by and releases the spells that were ruined so that he wouldn’t go back. The final hit is with Peter Parker (Tom) and Norman Osborn standing on the broken Captain America shield that fell off of the Statue of Liberty where the fight took place. Peter, fueled with anger and wanting to avenge May’s death caused by Green Goblin, doesn’t hold back with Norman and almost kills him until Toby Peter gets in the way to stop Tom Peter from killing Norman. The film ends with Peter asking Doctor Strange to create a new spell to make everyone forget who Peter Parker was and send everyone back home. Peter (Tom), having to start over again because of the spell, moves into an apartment and is now on his own. 

Spiderman: No Way Home is a great Marvel film and definitely one of the best Spider-Man films, bringing back beloved Spider-Men and loved Villains from past films. The film is hilarious and dark at times but is still an amazing film. People don’t know what’s next for Spider-Man, whether there will be a third Andrew Garfield film or a brand new trilogy bringing new characters, but whatever it is, it will be great.