Movie Review: Interstellar

Interstellar is a science-fiction movie about space exploration.

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Interstellar is a science-fiction movie about space exploration.

Some people might not care much for space exploration, but the movie Interstellar might change their minds. This science-fiction movie shows what would happen if Earth were to become uninhabitable.

Interstellar is a movie that was released in November of 2014. Since then, it has gotten lots of positive reactions with 72% on Rotten Tomatoes, 8.6 out of 10 stars on IMDb, and 4.4 out of 5 from MoviePilot. Many people who enjoyed this movie said that it was an enjoyable watch and is for anyone who thinks that science-fiction movies should contain confusing areas that require intellect.

The movie Interstellar, was directed by Christopher Nolan, who has won over 192 awards with 532 nominations. Interstellar has won over 22 awards and was nominated for 58, with some of the most notable ones being the Academy Awards, ASCAP Film and Television Awards, and an OSCAR. In addition to this, Interstellar was produced by five different companies, Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros. Pictures, Legendary Pictures, Syncopy, Lynda Obst Productions. This movie also features several famous people, including Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, Bill Irwin, Ellen Burstyn, and Michael Caine, to name a few.

With the main character Joseph Cooper being played by Matthew McCounaughey, it starts on a large corn farm in the far future where Earth is a dystopian society since blight and dust pillage the lands, which means everyone has given up on trying to find a way out of the Earth and have decided to focus on agriculture. One day, after a dust storm, the sand leaves strange markings on Cooper’s daughter Murph’s room. After investigating it for a long time, Cooper decides that they are binary coordinates, and he gets in his truck and drives to the coordinates. There he finds NASA still working underground, despite people not wanting them to. They explain to Cooper that there is a wormhole that has appeared, and it directly leads to three different planets that they sent people to get information from. One of them stopped giving results early on. The other two are promising, but one of them stopped receiving years ago. They decide to go to the one still receiving, and they find Dr. Mann in hypersleep. After he awakes, he leads Cooper to a ditch, nearly kills him, and escapes using one of their vehicles, as all his information is fake. However, they have little to no fuel now, and they travel to the final planet via gravitational slingshot for Cooper to find himself inside of a tesseract within a black hole. Then, after a short investigation, he realizes he was the one who made the markings after the dust storm that day. He uses this to transfer quantum information to his now elderly daughter so they can save humanity from Earth’s imminent doom. 

Although Interstellar did receive a fair amount of criticism from many, especially for its strange ending, many others did enjoy this and left reviews such as “A bold, beautiful cosmic adventure story with a touch of the surreal and the dreamlike.” A lot of other users thought the same, but there were still a few who stood by their criticism. One critic stated, “Far too many plot holes and so the believability rating and the tension goes down.”

Overall, Interstellar is a good movie, although the ending might be confusing to many. However, for those who love space and sci-fi, this might be the movie for them. Even though some areas might just be annoying, to some, it is still worth watching.