School Food

School Food

Food is essential to everything, and because of COVID, Kraemer is serving hot lunch free. This means that anyone can get a hot lunch any day (unless they’re out). There is the main lunch line and the snack bar (which costs money), which also serves hot lunch. Because some people aren’t earning enough money, the school serves free breakfast during break, and it is served at the same places as lunch.

There is a lot of variety within the food at Kraemer. There are many options for food, both for lunch and breakfast. The school always serves Pan Dulce, a bagel, and cereal for breakfast, and chicken sandwiches and cheeseburgers for lunch. However, each day is something different. There is pizza for lunch on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, pick up stix is on Thursday, and taco Tuesday is on Tuesday. The breakfast pizza stick is on the same days as pizza. The Cheesy pull-apart bread is available on Tuesday and Thursday. On Monday, the double chocolate chip muffin is there. The buttery maple waffle, yogurt parfait, cinnamon roll, and strawberry pop-tart are available on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, respectively.

All of these are served with a fruit/veggie/juice, students can choose what they want, and milk (chocolate or regular). An anonymous student says, “The muffins and pan dulce are good, but I’d stay away from the cinnamon roll. The bagels are also ok. For lunch, the pizza, pick-up stix, and chicken sandwich are good.”

Getting the food can be a hassle. When break or lunch starts, students rush to the lines to get there in time. If they don’t, they have to get in a line that can grow to extreme lengths. The snack bar moves more slowly, but it has items the main lunch/breakfast line doesn’t have. These do cost money, but they are pretty good. This menu includes chips, cookies, soda, water, ice cream cones, popsicles, and slushies. 

Bruce Wu says, “I like the school breakfast. The pan dulce can be a bit wet sometimes, though. The pizza is good for lunch, and I have it almost every day.” Dylan Gross says, “The breakfast is good. I would recommend the pan dulce. The lunch is also good. I would recommend the pepperoni pizza.”

These student opinions show the school breakfast and lunch are highly valued. There are many choices to get food, and that way, students don’t have to bring food and therefore have a lighter load. There are many upsides to the school food.