Wierd Food Trends

Food and social media have had a long story together. Having a variety from expensive delicacies to cheap, but tasty dishes. The #Food has been one of Instagram’s top hashtags of the decade. These pictures can be found on almost every account, varying from a casual user with a small number of followers to a social media influencer with millions of followers. These images are insights into the food trends and create new innovations with these cuisines. These trends have increased due to the pandemic, and the food has been getting crazier and crazier.

There are many tasty and delicious foods that leave an impact on people’s brains, but there are also peculiar-looking food trends developed throughout the years that leave brains a little confused. Thanks to social media, had an increase in these outlandish dishes. One of these social media platforms is called Tik Tok. 

Tik Tok has managed to accumulate over 700 million monthly active users worldwide. Tik Tok food trends were comforting and gave people joy. When starting out, the trend that arose first was that everything was cake. People would make items made out of cake, making it realistic to the human eye. Another trend during this time was people testing their heat tolerance and adding more and more spicy things asked by their fans.

There are also sides of social media where these food trends can be harmful and can affect health negatively. “It’s just kids eating massive amounts of sugar,” Dr. Gioffre said. “It’s horrible because sugar is the most toxic substance you can put into the body. It’s not even food, it’s a drug. I call it America’s drug of choice,” Dr. Gioffre says. Many people are consuming too much of something that can be lethal to the body. For example, one of the first food trends on these social media platforms was consuming an excessive amount of sugar, through the frozen honey challenge. Dr. Giraffe said that honey on its own isn’t the worst thing to eat, but eating it in a huge amount isn’t good for the body and as you consume more, you will start craving it more. 

All in all, though the eye-catching tasty foods can be found all over the internet, the #food trends are not always the healthiest foods a person can post on social media. Social media food trends are still continuing until this day and still has many people involved.