China’s $1 trillion Artificial Sun


Wikimedia Commons

Imagine inside of the Chinese artificial sun.

China is attempting to make an “artificial sun,” which is presumed to be five times hotter than the original sun and can last up to 17 minutes. China hasn’t gotten the $1 trillion needed for the project yet, but they are expected to get it by the end of June.

China has figured out how to make something five times hotter than the sun because they initially found out that they can use it to somewhat duplicate nuclear fusion in a stronger way. Nuclear fusion is when light nuclei combine to make a stronger or heavier nucleus, and they call it “EAST.”. China’s new technique also beat France’s record in 2003, a comparable temperature, but lasted around 390 seconds.

One of China’s theories is merging hydrogen atoms and making them into helium at very high temperatures and density. This theory was made to somehow convert heat into energy, so that greenhouse gases and many other things that pollute the air or create more radioactive waste can be replaced. EAST is being built so that a way to build a nuclear fusion reactor can be found and have an endless energy source. Another reason why they were able to build EAST was because of the natural sources on Earth. EAST fears that we may run out of the resources we use today to create energy, such as coal, oils, and fossil fuels.

Another important reason why EAST was built was so that this technology could be tested on other technologies. A more significant project is the “International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor” (ITER). This project is being built in Marseille, France. This is an important project that has 35 countries involved.

All in all, the project “EAST” is a significant step towards new technology. Other projects that are branching from EAST are also creating better projects to help technology develop further and faster.