Windows 11 Review

Microsoft has coded and produced many OS’s (operating systems) for computers, including Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. Operating systems are programs on computers that are required to function. For example, other ones besides Windows are Mac from Apple, and Linux. The latest one from Microsoft, called Windows 11, just released, and it is the fastest, most modern, and easiest one to use so far. It became downloadable on October 5, 2021. 

    Windows 11 does have reasonably strict system requirements, consisting of a CPU of at least 1 GHz and two cores, 4 GB of RAM, TPM 2.0, and 64 GB of storage. Some older laptops/desktops do not meet these standards, and the problem is usually because the CPU is outdated. In this new version, there is no longer a taskbar that takes up the whole bottom of the screen, but only one that is in the middle. All of the apps also look more clean and organized, and it also takes off the default white theme. Also, everything about it is rounded, instead of the square-looking Windows 10. This slight change goes a long way in making the user feel comfortable. These are some of the biggest changes, and they make it look more like the Mac and Chrome OS. 

Additional modifications are the integrations of widgets, where a user can set one up to inform them about the weather, news, or traffic. The start button is also less messy than before, and it gives a search tab, app recommendations, pinned apps, and the option for the taskbar position. Furthermore, window snapping was also added, making it very easy and convenient to view multiple tabs or windows at the same time. Snap groups can also be created, where pushing one button on the taskbar will open a certain number of windows in the preferred alignment/position. Lastly, background and color changing is also much faster. The personalization tab in settings allows one to press a certain theme and the background picture, taskbar color, and app color.

    All in all, Windows 11 is very worth it to upgrade to, even if that includes buying a new computer. This operating system is new and improved, making it very accessible, easy, and fun to use, even for individuals who are less experienced with a computer.