Video Productions: The “Chaotic Good” of the School

Electives are the main foundation point of having fun at school. Besides clubs, they are the only parts of school that we are allowed to pick. Everyone gets Social Studies or Math, but not everyone is in the same electives, and it really gives freedom to the students and allows them to enjoy their time at school. However, some electives are harder to land than others. The question is then asked: at Kraemer, what is one of the most difficult classes to get into? Here’s a hint: It’s a class that over 60 want to get into, but only 30 can make. There’s only one period for it, potential students need to have good grades, a good work ethic, and be great at editing. It is also in the title of this article. That’s right, Video Productions! While the process to get in may be tough, it is 100% worth it.

Video Productions is one of the most popular electives at Kraemer. The main reason for it is the tone of the class. It is lighthearted and very fun. In Video Productions, every single kid inside is creative and chaotic, and this creates a fun atmosphere. It provides students with an opportunity to have creative, hands-on, great and fun times within a classroom, controlled mainly by the students, that can simply not be found in other classes such as math and reading. There are inside jokes, students can freely walk around the classroom, everyone respects one anothers’ videos, gives critiques, and everything that people would never find in another class. Additionally, the class is complemented beautifully by Mr. Castro’s amazing and laid back personality. He is always willing to help and accept ideas, but can be quite stern when absolutely necessary.

The main object of Video Productions is, as implied, to produce videos. However, a lot of people seem to underestimate the difficult nature of making these videos. Take KTV for example. The episodes take minutes to watch, but sometimes days, weeks, or rarely even months to make, even with a group of 3-4 people. Viewers also seem to underestimate the effort put into everything the video has to offer, and will even consider them bad or poorly edited. But the hardest part with Video Productions is just coming up with a plan for what the video will even be about, and the variation doesn’t help. With each video having a unique theme (examples include: Green Screen, Interview, Advertisement, and Silent Film), it becomes much easier said than done.

The average process for making a video takes four individually simple steps that combine into one difficult task.

The first step is creating a storyboard/script. A storyboard is used to plan out the ideas that students have for their video. It illustrates everything that will happen throughout the video in chronological order. A script is also used in case the actors need to speak a lot during the video.

The second step is filming the shots. After creating the storyboard and script, all that needs to be done is to use the camera to capture what is in the script. However, last minute adjustments happen all of the time, so it isn’t necessary to follow the storyboard at every single frame of the video. 

The third step is downloading footage and effects. Students will download sound effects, special effects, images, and footage that are needed for the video in order to be able to edit them in. Unfortunately, with vast selections of these effects all over YouTube, it may become difficult to find which ones are the best.

Finally, step four is to edit the video, which is the most complex part. But after spending multiple hours editing videos per week, students get used to it very quickly. After that, the video is done. And when that happens, it’s a giant weight lifted off of students’ shoulders.

Overall, Video Productions is not just a fun subject with a good teacher, but also a place to meet crazy and fun people, learn to edit, and do team-building exercises. It feels like a club at school, as it’s chaotic and organized at the same time, with a little bit of stress built into it. Hopefully, now others can see why people love Video Productions, and why so many sign up. So, a fair bit of advice, before students try to get in, they should make sure they have the skills and grades to back it up. It might just land them a spot.