How Students Spent Their Winter Breaks

How Students Spent Their Winter Breaks

With the prospect of winter break close in sight, the students of Kraemer are restless with anticipation to start the two-week break. With little to no homework to worry about and the holidays just around the corner, these are some tips on how students plan to spend their time away from school once the last bell rings, releasing them from the captivity of their classrooms. The majority of the game plan is organized into two categories; traveling, or staying local.

One pastime that students plan to fill their days off school is traveling. Although international travel is limited among students because of the Covid pandemic, small road trips or visiting nearby places are other options people have. Kelsey B. explains what she has arranged. “My family and I are going to drive to San Diego for a few days. My parents organized it, so I’m not sure what we will do, but I’m sure we will have fun.” 

If plans are still up in the air, many amusement parks, examples such as Disneyland, Knotts, and Universal, are all decorated for the season and open to the public. Driving up and down California to small towns perfect for tourists is another possibility. There are plenty of coastal cities travelers can visit, like Carmel-by-the-Sea, which is a seaside town known for its historic Carmel Mission, fairytale cottages, and scenic paths.

As for staying local, while sleeping in each day is something almost everyone will do, activities vary from each student. Brynn J. describes what that entails for her. “I will probably spend my time playing video games such as Minecraft, a classic, and baking.” A prominent answer from students interviewed was playing video games both by themselves or with friends over. Popular game choices were Genshin Impact, Clash of Clans, Valorant, and Cookie Run. On the other hand, some prefer watching videos more than playing games. “I will spend my break surfing YouTube for hours and watching my recommended videos,” a fellow Newspaper reporter Jameson X. laughed as he hovered over a video titled ‘Saying bald 25,000 times’. He also added he will be working on a unique project of fixing a computer. Dinner with extended family during the holidays was also a popular answer. These festive times always call for fun family gatherings to catch up with each other. 

For the person who is running out of ideas while at home over break, here are some tips to cure that boredom. One thing to do is to try new activities in their household. These could be solitary acts, with the family, or with friends. Some ideas include baking/cooking for family or friends, ice skating, having an all-day Netflix movie marathon, or having a board game night. Monopoly and capitalism, anyone? Although some of these might sound childish, they could bring laughter, and who knows, one might have a lot of fun. 

Whether traveling or staying close to home during Kraemer’s winter break, one thing is for sure, weary students are grateful for the relaxing two-week brain break.