Resturant Review: The Moo Cafe

The Moo Cafe

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The Moo Cafe

Although there are multiple cafes and local restaurants, The Moo Cafe is the local watering hole for the hardworking students attending Valencia High School and Kraemer Middle School. After a busy and tiring school day, the students enjoy having a safe space nearby to catch up with friends. Whether it be to get a refreshing drink or have a place to hang out, most people will say that The Moo Cafe is an excellent place.

The interior style of the cafe has a soft and gentle aesthetic. Even though the cafe is small, its size gives it a cozy and comfortable atmosphere, making it more inviting to enter. The decorations are placed in spaces that work with the environment that fills the small space but doesn’t make the building feel clustered or enclosed. The furniture also blends in with the theme and provides a place to rest or an area to wait for a drink. Of course, any store or restaurant doesn’t run itself, so good employees are a must. The employees currently working there keep the cafe clean, which is crucial as the virus takes new forms. They also work quickly and bring orders out in a short amount of time, even during rush hour. Even after hours of work, they can still maintain a friendly face with a positive attitude. 

Their menu mostly consists of different types of boba teas and smoothies, and macaroons for a snack. There are several toppings to choose from. The toppings go as far as different types of boba pearls, choosing jelly instead of boba, and adding cheese foam. Melody Sutanto, a student at Kraemer Middle School said, “ The Moo cafe had a nice variety of drinks. The cheese foam was a nice addition, and the tea was well-brewed”. Another student named Cayden Chung stated, “I like the texture of the boba, it’s really nice and chewy. They have good prices too. The drink is very refreshing, and the flavors are good”. Other customers have previously said that they enjoyed how many options the menu offered and how it gave them the freedom to customize the drinks. 

Overall, it’s safe to say that The Moo Cafe is an ideal cafe to visit for any type of occasion. If a place is needed to complete homework or work in general, the aesthetic and atmosphere will make it an enjoyable and calming workplace. No matter the reason, going to The Moo Cafe will be a relaxing and satisfying space for anyone.