Top Item’s at Trader Joes


via Open Food Facts

Trader Joes Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

Trader Joe’s is a grocery store chain founded in 1967 by Joe Coulombe. Its stores stretch across America, serving a variety of demographics, all flocking to their local store to purchase exclusive items. Trader Joe’s is known for its seasonal items and the popular products they serve year-round. Though all Trader Joe’s products are high quality, these five appeal to the public the most.

By far, the most popular item at Trader Joe’s can be found in the frozen foods section. It’s one of the several variations of ‘Joe’s’ ethnic brand labels. This Trader Ming’s specialty is called Mandarin Orange Chicken and is described as “tender chunks of juicy chicken in a crispy breading with a sweet and spicy orange sauce.”This meal costs only 4.99 and can serve as an entree for two. Avid purchasers of this entree comment on its classic taste, praising the low price and how it’s a better alternative for takeout. 

Everything But The Bagel Sesame Seasoning Blend is a beloved spice that can be found at a local Trader Joe’s. For 1.99 only, shoppers can buy a 2.3-ounce blend of poppy seeds, sesame seeds, dried garlic and onion, and salt. Fans of this spice blend rave about its (again) low price and the similarity it has to an everything bagel. The best aspect of this blend, though, is its versatility. 

A seasonal item at Trader Joe’s that gives a lot of people a reason to make it through the holiday season is Dark Chocolate Stars. Around Fall and December, Trader Joe’s employees squeeze these boxes on their shelves. These 2.99 10 ounce boxes contain dark chocolate-coated star-shaped shortbread cookies topped with white sprinkles. A delicious treat for festive people, some might find they have eaten half the box in minutes before even realizing it. Though one can never beat the original dark chocolate shortbread cookies, Trader Joe’s sells a variation of it; smaller shortbread stars covered in mint dark chocolate, which gives it a nice refreshing twist.

Peanut Butter cups are an extremely popular candy in America, but Trader Joe’s lowers the price and increases the quality. For only 4.29, you get 36 cups, 12 cents per cup (less costly than other peanut butter cup competitors). This item is the most popular candy product at Trader Joe’s, and trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups have won the Customer Choice Award several times. Trader Joe’s also sells a variation of this in Almond Butter for those who want to try something unique or have allergies. 

Unexpected Cheddar is a Trader Joe’s specialty that is described by the chain itself as “At first bite, Trader Joe’s Unexpected Cheddar tastes like aged Cheddar. And then something unexpected happens. The smooth creaminess of the Cheddar gives way to a tangy flavor and slightly crumbly texture; a subtle hint of salt crystallization is discovered, and it begins to taste like aged Parmesan.” For 5 dollars, this 7-ounce block has artisanal quality and a surprisingly complex flavor profile. This product is also praised f