How Did Cookie Run: Kingdom Gain So Much Popularity?


via Pixabay

The main protagonist of Cookie Run: Kingdom, GingerBrave, is a gingerbread man.

Cookie Run: Kingdom is both a fun and exciting RPG to play that is owned by the Devsisters company. The Cookie Run universe consists of seven games, Cookie Run: Kingdom being the most recent and popular one. This game about cookies battling is available on iOS, Android, and computers. Most commonly played on mobile devices, Cookie Run: Kingdom was ranked first in the Apple App store’s RPG section in October this year. This well-known game may seem a little odd at first because of its title, but it has a whole kingdom to build, cookies to get, and battles to fight.

The game is mostly known for the cookies’ designs and the gacha system. Many of the designs are based on foods or drinks, but some can be based on almost anything. From Pomegranate Cookie to Cotton Cookie, all the cookies have interesting looks. Although the cookies are definitely cute, many people love how they can get them. Using the in-game currency, gems, players can gacha for the cookies they want through the gacha system. When players gacha, there are certain signs at the beginning of their gacha that indicate the rarity of cookies they will get. The five rarities from least to greatest are common, rare, epic, ancient, and legendary. The indicators in the gacha are the cookies that show up in front of an oven when they first press the gacha button and whether a mean witch or a nice witch will stir up their cookie dough. For the unlucky players, the game also has a mileage points system where they can get cookies’ soulstones through, letting the player get the cookie they want once they save up enough. 

However, these adorable cookies are not just for appearance. The main way players can earn their gems besides events is through battling through stages. The different stages have different difficulty levels. Players can pass levels only if their cookies have enough power to handle the enemies, and their cookies’ power depends on their level, skill level, and toppings. How many gems the players receive depends on how many stars they get from the level, depending on how well they cleared the level. Some players get a little frustrated when they can’t seem to pass a level, but many also find it fun to see their little cookies in action. 

Although the cookies are the main stars of this game, many players find it fun to decorate their kingdom. Since there are many different decoration sets, people can do many different things with their kingdom. From water to snow, there are many ways to brighten up a kingdom using easily earned coins.

Overall, this game is well-known for great reasons. Not only is it fun to play, but the storyline is interesting. Players learn more about the story during levels or do simple quests. Cookie Run: Kingdom has a lot of potential, and many believe it has a bright future.