Movie Review: Inception


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The movie poster of Inception

Some say that the best sci-fi movies are the ones that confuse the audience with incredible tricks and brain teasers. Others stand strong in their opinion that a good sci-fi movie requires knowledge, intellect, and cleverness to properly understand. Inception has something great in store for both groups, one science fiction film.

Directed by Christopher Nolan, this blockbuster science-fiction film has won a total of 157 awards, some of the most notable ones being four Oscars and three BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) Film Awards. This movie was produced through Warner Bros. and produced by Emma Thompson. Some of the movie’s main stars are Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Elliot Page, to name a few.

Starring the legendary Leonardo DiCaprio as Dom Cobb, the movie’s storyline follows him through his struggles and grief. Ever since learning about the idea of Inception, Cobb uses his skills to steal information from extremely successful businesses. After failing to steal an idea from a great businessman, Cobb is offered to place an idea in his enemy’s mind in return for a clear passage back to America, where Cobb could fix his broken family. Of course, Cobb can’t resist the tempting offer. So he and his newly assembled team go on a mission to place the idea of bringing down a company in his employer’s business adversary’s mind. Again, Cobb uses his knowledge of dreams and how to manipulate them for dangerous, yet rewarding reasons. Throughout the mission, his team encounters both personal and professional problems of all kinds, but there are none that Cobb and his team can’t fix by the end of the movie. Although the conclusion of the film leaves onlookers and audience members scratching their heads, few can deny that it was a fitting ending.

Despite those with criticism for Inception, there are many that have positive feedback. One fan said, “Awesome doesn’t even begin to describe the sleek, clever, mind-blowing madness that is director Christopher Nolan’s aptly titled psychological (read: trippy) thriller Inception.” Several other avid audience members of the movie had similar opinions. However, some watchers of the movie had some criticism for it. “…I was blown away by how inconsistent the story felt to me and how boring the characters in the movie turned out to be,” one critic of the film reviewed.

All in all, Inception was, although it was annoying and confusing at times, the perfect fit for those looking for an interesting and engaging science-fiction movie. Although there were some low points in the movie, there was an excess of good things about it, too.