Spider-Man: No Way Home


via Wikimedia Commons

A wax statue of Spider-Man

Next week, Marvel’s biggest and most ambitious blockbuster of the year will finally be seen on the big screen after more than a two-year wait from its predecessor’s release. This movie is directed by Jon Watts, who also directed the two previous MCU Spider-Man movies. Spider-Man: No Way Home follows the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man after his identity is revealed to the public for the first time ever in cinematic history. Peter Parker, played by the beloved Tom Holland, tries to have his friend Dr. Steven Strange, played by the talented Benedict Cumberbatch, cast a spell that has the ability to make everyone forget that Peter is Spider-Man. Unfortunately, Parker has a big mouth and an irresistible need to talk during the casting of the spell, so the Sorcerer Supreme messes up and causes the spell to fail and break open the multiverse. 

As a result of the spell failing and breaking open the multiverse, visitors from all universes start appearing in New York. These visitors are none other than the members of the infamous Sinister Six. Starting with Alfred Molina, who’s reprising his role as the corrupted Doctor Otto Octavious, known as Doc Ock. Being pulled from Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 2, which was originally released in 2004, Doc Ock is looking for revenge on his newer arch-nemesis. Using new technological special effects, the crew of Spider-Man: No Way Home has managed to de-age the sixty-eight-year-old star, making him look the same as he did back in 2004. 

Next up, the Green Goblin. Norman Osborne, portrayed by Willem Dafoe, is seen wearing his original Power Rangers-inspired suit in the trailers. Crashing down from the sky was Jamie Foxx as Electro. He was the first villain who was announced to be returning to the big screen to face off against Spider-Man. Gone is his blue aurora; it has been replaced by a more comic-book accurate yellow lightning. Sandman rises up from the ground again from the Raimi-verse. So far, Thomas Haden Church hasn’t been confirmed to be in the villain line-up, even though the trailer clearly shows him in his sand form. In the trailers, Rhys Ifans, The Lizard, is shown jumping alongside Sandman and Electro. But similar to Sandman, Rhys doesn’t have a confirmed return yet. 

Overall, Spider-Man: No Way Home is shaping to be a massive hit at the box office and perhaps Marvel’s biggest crossover film since Avengers: Endgame. Tickets are still on sale for the movie’s slated December 16th release, and one can only imagine how this movie will end.