Is Failure an Option?


via Pixabay

Failure should always be an option.

In so many cases, people avoid failure at all costs just to not be a disappointment, but FAILing is just the First Attempt In Learning. Failure is bound to happen when learning, but it should never be the end product. It doesn’t matter how many times someone fails if they succeed eventually. If one learns from their failures, it allows them to learn new and important things rather than having a mindset where they think they can’t learn. Having a mindset of thinking that what they know already is the extent of what they can learn is very damaging to a person. Instead of learning from their mistakes, they set themselves up for failure. 

Everyone has to practice over and over – which means to fail over and over – in order to eventually succeed. In everything people do, there are obstacles, and they all have a choice to learn how to get around them, or give up and not try at all. People who want to learn, and believe they can, will learn at the end of the day, but ending with failure is not an option. Ending with a failure means that they gave up.

Giving up is worse than failing because if someone fails, that means they tried. If someone gives up, that means they believed they could never learn. It also means that they didn’t try learning from the failure and instead thought that since they failed, they will never succeed. Sometimes people give up from fear of the slightest failures; nowadays, even getting an A- on homework or tests is very devastating for some kids, and getting negative feedback from employers can shatter self-esteem. If people learned that failure is a part of life, rather than deciding that they can’t do something and don’t try to figure out how to improve, it would make it much easier to bounce back from their mistakes, learn, and flourish. 

Failure should always be an option if the person wants to learn from their mistakes. Failure should not be an option if the end product is a failure and the person gives up. Failing is a part of life, but with practice, people are bound to become great at anything they put their mind to. No one is naturally born talented at anything; they learn to be great. Being able to admit that one has failed can lead to a learning process from their mistakes.