Should The Death Penalty be Banned?



Is the death penalty reasonable?

The death penalty was created to punish people who commit extreme crimes as well as a way to discourage people from committing crimes. Yet, people worldwide continue to commit crimes despite the efforts law enforcers make to stop them. So, if the death penalty isn’t helping, why are judges allowed to use the sentence? If judges are killing people who can potentially be changed and entered back into society, why are so many people continuing to die from this sentence?

In the United States, since the 1970s, more than 8,500 people have been sentenced to death. People can receive this sentence for reasons ranging from treason to murder. Inmates on death row always have handcuffs on, unless they’re in their cell, in the prison yard, or showering. In some states, inmates are also not allowed outside contact. This is for one primary reason: safety. Inmates sentenced to death are seen as cruel and merciless because they committed a crime so horrible or unforgivable. These inmates are most likely threats to the human population and those of a community. This is why instead of giving them a lesser charge, they are put to death. Some might argue that the life sentence is more punishing than an execution, but charging people with the death sentence isn’t just about punishment. The sentence itself also has to do with the protection of civilians within a community. These people are on a more extreme level and most likely won’t change their minds about their wrongdoing. Life sentences also allow possible escape opportunities that could lead to more deaths or mayhem.

People committing theft or assault will more likely get sentenced to some time in prison but won’t be executed. Things such as murder, especially that of a person of authority or importance will most likely put a person on death row. People like Gary Sampson and Dylann Roof were convicted and executed because of a reason relating to murder. Espionage, treason, and large-scale drug trafficking are also crimes that can be punished with death. These crimes are all treated with severe care and are seen on a more extreme level. This is because they either are unforgivable or can affect the world in a negative way. People all around the world continue to commit these crimes despite the punishment being one of the most intense ones. Another major reason for the death penalty is to discourage others from commiting them. That’s why when these cases are present it is likely to be given the death sentence.

Taking away a life is probably one of the worst things someone can do to another being. However, people all around the world who have been through something or don’t see the way others do will commit these crimes. To make it worse, these people will most likely keep committing these crimes if not caught. For the safety of everyone’s community, punishment, and trying to stop others from doing these crimes are three reasons why the penalty should stay. Although it works at a very slow rate, the death penalty shouldn’t be banned for the benefit of those working in or around the law.