Staff Spotlight: Mr. Twamley

Mr. Twamley in his classroom

Mr. Twamley in his classroom

Mr. Twamley is a teacher at Kraemer Middle School who teaches both 7th and 8th grade Language Arts and also 8th-grade honors. He has been teaching at Kraemer for 33 years. He was born and raised in a very small town in North Dakota. He is a very hard-working, kind, fun, and intelligent teacher who very much enjoys teaching classes at Kramer Middle School. 

Mr. Twamley was motivated to become a teacher because, when he was in 5th grade, he had a teacher who had helped him. He wasn’t doing too well in school because his mother was hospitalized, but his teacher, Mr. B, always made sure that Mr. Twamley had food to eat for lunch. Mr. B would even let him stay after school to finish his homework. Mr. Twamley enjoys working at Kraemer because, at school, there are a lot of kids that remind him of himself. He didn’t have much when he was growing up, but now as a teacher, he wants to help out his students who are kind of an “underdog” and need someone to cheer them on. Students don’t always need “fun” in order for the class to be interesting or exciting. He thinks that as long as people show that they care about their students and help them have a better life, that’s what’s important. According to Mr. Twamley, an old saying he has is, “They don’t care what you know unless they know that you care.” When it comes to being a communicator with parents, Mr. Twamley is definitely one of them. He reaches out to them several times a year to keep them posted on their child’s progress. He usually sends emails to parents, but he likes to call them or meet them in person since email addresses tend to change. He prefers to meet them in person so he can physically talk to them. 

Some of Mr. Twamley’s favorite activities are going to sporting events like the Angels and Dodgers baseball games. He even sang the national anthem! He also feels very fortunate to be invited to a lot of TV & movie events. He also got to take his students to the Teen Choice Awards. He loves when they get slimed. Many people know that Mr. Twamley is hard working and direct. He tries to be nice, but he won’t sugarcoat the truth. Covid-19 impacted the way he teaches because now he has become more digitally literate. Mr. Twamley attended the University of North Dakota, Chapman, CSUF, Azusa, Long Beach State, and Concordia. He has been teaching at Kraemer since 1988. Besides middle school, he has taught other grades, like elementary, high school, college, and even private Christian schools. 

When Mr. Twamley was in college, President Regan himself asked Mr. Twamley to help assist with Special Education schools in Kenya. While they were there, they also developed the African Special Olympics. Some places Mr. Twamley has taken trips to are Mexico and Canada, but he’s looking forward to spending an extended amount of time in Italy and Europe in the near future. During summer break, Mr. Twamley enjoys visiting family from other states. He also enjoys taking some time to go to the beach with his adorable English bulldogs.

 Mr. Twamley, who knows a few celebrities, said he doesn’t care about being associated with them. To him, some famous people don’t have integrity and good hearts. He does enjoy the motivated people who are trying to be the best versions of themselves and who are actually kind to one another. He most likes the people that feel they are put on this planet to be a blessing to others. His mother was definitely one of them. She was the best person he knew, she was quiet and never famous. Mr. Twamley is a very proud teacher, and proud of what his students have accomplished.