Student Spotlight: Sydney R.


Sydney R. at Kraemer Middle School

Sydney R. is a bubbly, dramatic, and optimistic student. She loves dogs, especially her dog, Daisy Muffin Face. She also loves her friends, whom she is always supportive of and kind towards. Some of her hobbies are playing tennis and drawing. Sydney works hard at everything she does, whether it’s school, tennis, or anything else.  

Sydney was born in Anaheim, California, and currently resides there. She lives with her mother, father, sister, and dog. Her first elementary school was Rio Vista Elementary, and then she transferred to Tynes Elementary for the GATE program. After sixth grade, she came to Kraemer.

Sydney’s electives are Peer Leadership and Speech and Drama. She chose both electives because she had a passion for them and to improve in both areas. In Peer Leadership, Sydney hoped to enhance her leadership skills and help the school. She says that she loves helping the school and having fun with the other Peer Leaders. Speech and Drama gives her the opportunity to improve her public speaking and perform skits and plays, which she enjoys very much. She also excels in school, having a record of straight As. She loves to learn and grow, and Kraemer is always fun and engaging. 

Outside of school, Sydney plays tennis. For her, it is very relaxing and enjoyable. She likes to play with and against her friends. Tennis can be relaxing at times, but when she is playing in a match, she gets extremely competitive. Still, she loves playing it and hopes to continue to do so. 

In the future, Sydney hopes to pursue a career in Disney’s Imagineering. Though she doesn’t know exactly what she wants to do in the field, she knows that any of the jobs would allow her to be creative and have fun. Sydney may not know what kind of Imagineer she wants to be, but she knows where she wants to work: Disneyland Paris. The scenery in France is so beautiful, and the architecture is amazing. She hopes to experience it for herself. Next year, she wants to take French to prepare her for her dream job.