Washington State Flooding Forces Evacuation of Citizens


Washing State Flooding

Just recently, several residents of Washington state have been forced to evacuate their homes due to intense flooding. The Northwest part of Washington has received high flood warnings, and cities such as Fir Island and Sterling were greatly recommended to evacuate. As the flooding and rainfall continued, the National Weather Service realized that it would take a significant amount of time to drain the floodwaters and get residents back into their homes. Many roads were closed off, but since some ignored the signs of closure, there were more than 100 water rescues. In addition, the flooding caused great damage to the roads, and the cost to fix them will be 7 to 10 million dollars.

This flood caused significant damage to homes compared to last year’s flooding. There were more than 300 homes damaged in one city alone, compared to only 25 homes last year that had been destroyed. There is a really negative impact on families that have been affected both this year and last due to the floods, as many have lost multiple belongings and cherished items. In addition, it has become a real struggle for the evacuating families to leave some of their belongings and homes while they seek shelter. However, when the floodwater was drained, families could move back into their homes safely and begin the clean-up. 

When streets became visible, it was clear that the damage caused would leave a terrible impact on the government, since the funds needed to fix the roads would not be easy to obtain. The government would need to fund the federal disaster assistance to pay back residents for the damage caused to their homes. This would lead to much stress on the government to help the families, fix roads, and make sure that all other damage will be taken care of. 

Overall, the effect that the recent Washington floods have caused has not made it any easier on the state. In addition to all of the residents in the Northwest having to evacuate due to the harsh circumstances, this natural disaster has left many wondering whether or not they plan on staying in the state or moving to another area to prevent themselves from having to go through the evacuation process again. However, with the number of people in each neighborhood dealing with the same issue, helping each other out and working together can relieve some stress that the disaster has caused.