Archaeologists stumble across a rope-bound mummy in Peru

A rope bound mummy

via wikimedia commons

A rope bound mummy

In Cajamarquilla, Peru, were hoping to find some artifacts or relics left behind from the past. They found incredible artifacts, like a mummy wrapped in an old rope with their hands covering their face. This ancient artifact could be an up to 800 to 1200-year-old mummy. They came across it around 15 miles from Lima, beneath the base of a staircase under the town square. 

They also said the way the mummy was buried was part of a local funeral. It is the same as other mummies who get wrapped around with jewelry or white cloth. Since they can’t really get the exact age of the mummy, they don’t know how old it is, so one of the most precise ways of telling how old the mummy is is by using radiocarbon dating, as Van Dalen Luna described. Van Dalen Luna also thinks that the mummy was a young person who died at the age of 25-30 and got mummified. Other incredible things they found were mollusks and llama bones. These made the archeologists think that the mummy was worshiped, and the llama bones were offerings to the mummy.

The archaeologists also found out that there were more events than just worship. Van Delan Luna said that the “mummy’s descendants kept coming back over many years and brought foods and offerings with them, including the mollusks”.  Van Dalen Luna thinks that the mummy was of high status and powerful when the person was still alive. He was also curious, making a guess saying that when the mummy was alive, he could have possibly been a powerful trader or a person from a rich and respected family.

Van Dalen Luna and his crew said they are going to study the mummy more carefully using radiocarbon dating and other tools, so they hope that they can distinArcheologistsguish the precise year the mummy had died and possibly even their identity.