Oxford High School Shooting


Wikimedia Commons

Oxford High School where the shooting took place.

Since the start of the pandemic, there has been a spike in the annual number of school shootings in America. On November 30, 2021, at Oxford High School a  fatal school shooting left several injured and four dead. With these events, many victims are taking action and demanding that the government implement stricter gun laws. However, through this battle over gun control, there have still been many school shootings, with the most recent one happening on November 30, 2021, at Oxford High School.  The shooting resulted in several injuries and four deaths. 

The day of the shooting started like any other school day. Students came to school and attended classes. Then, at 12:51 pm, the police got their first 911 call about a school shooter at Oxford High. The gunman, Ethan Crumbley, exited the bathroom with a gun and walked down the halls, shooting while walking. Between the time from getting the call and the police arriving at the scene, eleven people were already shot. Thirty shots were fired in total, using a semi-automatic gun by the perpetrator. The police identified the weapon used to be a 9 mm Sig Sauer SP2022 pistol. Out of the eleven injured, four have died, and two are in critical condition. The victims who died were all so young, with the youngest being 14. The oldest victim still living is a 47-year-old teacher.  

The gunman’s parents, James and Jennifer Crumbley, were supposed to show up to an arrangement with the police that Friday. However, neither showed up, making them fugitives. The police tracked them down and detained the couple. They were found approximately forty miles south of Oxford, near Detroit. The two have been charged with four counts of involuntary manslaughter. Their son Ethan, the gunman, was tried as an adult. He was charged with terrorism, possession of a firearm with a felony, first-degree murder, and assault with intent to murder. He is facing life in prison for his actions. 

The Oxford High School shooting was one of the deadliest school shootings this year. In the United States alone, there have been a total of 31 this year. This spike in school shootings leaves students and parents with anxiety, wondering if their school will be next. These events are one of the reasons why many people and victims demand that the government have more control over guns. Hopefully, the victims harmed in the shooting all make a fast recovery and can live their life as normally as possible.