Should Schools Enforce a Dress Code?


via Wikimedia Commons

School uniforms can cause lots of problems

Schools across the country have implemented a dress code or rules and restrictions as to what students can and cannot wear. The way students dress is a way to express themselves. In some schools, they even have a mandatory uniform. Which many argue doesn’t let students figure out who they are and their personal sense of style. Here at Kraemer, there is a dress code in the school handbook. Some people have found that some schools’ dress code targets mainly girls, which is where this stirs up controversy and problems. Many students who fall victim to the dress code have been starting to speak up and make a change at their school. 


Two high school students from Illinois, Drew Jarding and Kenzie Crimmins, decided to test this theory. They did by wearing similar outfits for an entire week. They documented their experiment on Tiktok. Drew wore athletic shorts with a cropped white shirt on the first day, which exposed most of their midriff area. Kenzie wore black leggings that covered their entire leg with a cropped t-shirt cut lower than Drews’. Yet Kenzie was the one that got dress coded when she was barely showing any skin at all. This video went viral and has been viewed over six million times since then. The viewers were furious. One person even wrote, “Hers was a tiny sliver, and yours was your whole torso. This says it all.” When talking about the differences in their shirts. After his hit video, he made plenty more where he would break the dress code and didn’t get in trouble or disciplined. Even though his fellow female students were getting punished for the smallest things. 


However, on the other hand, some dress codes prohibit boys from wearing clothes and accessories that allow them to express themselves. For example, in Spain, Mikel Gómez got dress-coded, expelled, and sent to a physiologist because he wore a skirt in honor of women’s liberation and the breaking of gender norms. As a result, numerous male teachers across Spain wore a skirt to fight against gender norms with Mikel. Pink News heard about this story and deemed November 5th as National wear a skirt to school day. 


Schools should not enforce the dress code. There are a lot of restrictions and guidelines that can discriminate towards so many people. This just ends up stirring up controversy and makes people mad. It would be so much easier if schools just let students dress however they wish.