Can Money Actually Buy Happiness?


via Wikimedia Commons

Money and happiness… do they go together?

Can money really buy happiness? Some people believe that it definitely cannot, and others think that it can. Even though it is just a yes or no question, people have gone far in proving themselves to be right. 


Many believe that money cannot buy happiness. Although money is significant to happiness, it isn’t necessarily the best way. Unfortunately, there are negative effects to having a higher income. In order to maintain it, people might have to work longer hours at their job or have a more stressful job. Most people assume that having things can bring more happiness than experiences. Money can probably buy happiness, but only to a certain point. Objects like a new phone, car, or computer do last longer than going to a concert or amusement park. Brand new objects can make people happy at first, but it becomes a normal item after a while and just fades into the background. People start to appreciate it less and less and will soon want something newer or better. But sharing experiences, especially with a group of people, can increase happiness. Experiences can bring people closer together and can be a good story to tell with family and friends. 


Others disagree, thinking that money actually can buy happiness. Of course, it might not bring love or relationships, but it can improve people’s lives. There are some positive effects of having a lot of money after getting the basic needs, such as shelter, better health care, food, and safety. This can include upgrading houses, buying new clothes, getting nicer furniture, or buying a dream car. Pets could also be a nice companion to have around. Having lots of money can increase comfort, believe it or not. When someone earns more money, they can purchase things to reduce suffering. For example, if someone is poor or lost their home, they could get a new one with money. Depending on how much they have, they might even be able to buy a huge mansion someday or their dream house. Money can also pay for the super expensive hospital bills if someone’s relative or loved one needed medical attention. Money can also buy dreams, like traveling. Everyone knows that plane tickets aren’t always that cheap. If someone’s dream were to travel around the world and explore new places, money could help with that. Additionally, money can give people a sense of control, as people can get what they want and mostly do what they want. 


All in all, money is a very important part of happiness. But once a person reaches a specific point, like having everything they could possibly want, it gets boring. Both sides have strong arguments, but honestly, money can’t really buy happiness. The experiences that people go through are so much more important.