Should Healthcare be Free to Everyone


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Health care is very important

One of the most commonly debated questions among the government, healthcare services, and the general public is, “Should healthcare be made free and easily accessible for everyone?” Although there are arguments for and against free medical care, sometimes the easiest and most obvious route isn’t necessarily the best way to go. In this case, making healthcare free to everyone would be making healthcare a little too easy for people to get.

One way to approach the problem is through the doctor’s eyes. By making the doctor or nurse’s service free and easily available to everyone, the people could get lazy about taking care of themselves at home. Why should I keep myself healthy, they would think, if I could just go to my doctor anytime to get better? This would lead to a chain of problems, like clinics and emergency rooms getting backed up and misused, and an even worse obesity epidemic because people decided to take the easy route, rather than the better and more logical course.


Another problem that doctors would have to deal with because of free medical help would be a lowered pay rate. Because people no longer have to pay co-pays to the doctors that treat them, the healthcare system would take in less money. This could lead to doctors no longer earning as much money and the quality of healthcare going down. However, it goes both ways. If the government offers to pay everyone’s medical bills for them, the healthcare system will eventually realize that they can rack up their prices as much as they want since the government will have to pay them. This is what happened when the government decided to give out student loans for people to go to college.

This could also be viewed from the patient’s point of view. By making healthcare free, the system will start to take in less money, lowering the pay rate of doctors. This will decrease the number of doctors practicing, as some doctors are only in it for the money. If fewer doctors are working, the remaining doctors will have to work overtime, decreasing the amount of care and thought doctors give to each patient.

By looking at the problem through the government’s eyes, one can find even more problems with universal healthcare. The government would go into even deeper debt by offering to pay everyone’s medical bills. This would make it incredibly hard to pay off existing debts and trade with other countries.

All in all, universal healthcare can be a great thing, but it certainly has its drawbacks. No one is saying that medical care should be expensive and only available to the rich, but making it completely free isn’t the way to go either. The best solution in this situation is to make healthcare a little cheaper. This way, it is still easily accessible and affordable to mostly everyone, but it isn’t taking too much away from any one person.