Song Review: 5 More Minutes


via Wikimedia Commons

A photo taken of Scotty McCreery performing at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee, in 2020

The single “Five More Minutes,” released in 2018, is by a country singer named Scotty McCreery. This song isn’t any typical song. It’s a song filled with sadness that lots of people relate to, including the artist. It talks about many things that relate to his life, but he talks about his grandfather the most. His grandfather passed away, which got Scotty to write this song and dedicate it to him. The music video is also sad, showing rare videos and pictures of Scotty growing up. In this song, he talks about the people and things that he loves. He says in the song that he wants to spend only five more minutes with any of the people he mentions because everything will always come to an end.


Scotty McCreery is famous for writing country music and has a total of eight albums. Not only that, but he also won the tenth season of American Idol. Scotty was also an athlete, but mostly in high school, while his favorite sport was baseball, and he was a fan of the Boston Red Sox. 


The song starts off with two verses before the chorus. There are a total of four verses, and the chorus is repeated three times. The four verses talk about Scotty wanting to spend five more minutes with someone or something. He mentions watching the sunset, talking with his girlfriend, playing a baseball game, and spending time with his grandpa before he passes away. The chorus talks about how time moves on very fast when it comes to all the good times and wants a pause button to hit. He said he would give himself five more minutes. 


His music video currently has 100 million views on YouTube. This song was McCreery’s first No.1 hit on both Mediabase/Country Aircheck Country Singles Chart and Billboard Country Airplay Chart. It also charted at numbers four and forty-four on both the Hot Country Songs and Hot 100 charts.   


All in all, people should listen to this song because of the hard work Scotty put into this song and how sad this song is. People have gone through rough times like losing their relatives, so this song honors those people. Scotty has also said that it was his favorite song that he has written because many people can relate to it. Go to Scotty’s Seasons Change album to listen to this song. There are other songs related to this one that are enjoyable to listen to.