Why Astroworld was a disaster

Artist Travis Scott, one of the performers at Astroworld, who kept on performing despite pleas to stop the concert.

via Wikimedia Commons

Artist Travis Scott, one of the performers at Astroworld, who kept on performing despite pleas to stop the concert.

Astroworld was a concert located in Houston, Texas. It featured many popular pop singers such as Travis Scott, SZA, Bad Bunny, Don Toliver, Tame Impala, etc. The festival layout was interesting and different from others. It had two split sections for the crowds and there were small fences preventing fans from getting across the aisle. 

  The concert started off fine, but it gradually got wilder. A little before it was Travis Scott’s time to perform, more and more people started breaking in. First of all, the security system was awful, and Travis Scott encouraged many fans to break in on social media. When other singers, such as SZA,were performing, the stage was completely ordinary. As it got closer to Travis Scott’s performance, people started shoving to get to the front. As there was a countdown before Travis Scott got on stage, even more and more people broke into the festival and all rushed trying to get to the front. 

With that said, many people expressed that it got hard to breathe, and they were super squished and could not move. Once Travis Scott started performing, even though he saw all the shoving and people squished together trying to get to the front, he still performed. Travis Scott even encouraged people to start jumping and other behaviors that would not have helped the situation. Even before the festival started, Travis Scott posted on his social media challenging fans to break in and other negative behaviors. As the concert went on several people started passing out, and people were falling down. 

Additionally, there were only 2 locations to get water. People were falling on top of each other stepping on each other because of how crowded it was. There was also a clip surfacing across the internet where Travis Scott was singing and looking straight to his crowd, and someone passed out. People were holding up the body trying to get the person out of the crowd, but all Travis Scott did was stare. He clearly saw what was happening right in front of his eyes, but continued the show. Many fans were shocked because if it were for other celebrities they would have stopped the entire show just for one person, but Travis Scott couldn’t stop the show when several people were passing out. Not only were there people passing out but there were also many deaths. There were 9 deaths in total, the youngest being a 9-year-old boy to the oldest man being 27. Additionally, there were people jumping on the paramedic’s vehicle and trying to become the center of attention. Even the cameraman kept the camera on Travis Scott, even though a person got up there telling them to move the focus to the people passing out to warn people. 

In conclusion, there were many ways Travis Scott and the staff members could’ve made a difference. Even just Travis Scott stopping singing could have prevented many people from passing out and even dying. People hope that from this experience, other celebrities will learn from this event.