From Cacao to Chocolate

A handful of cacao beans scattered about, which is then used to create chocolate.

via Pixabay

A handful of cacao beans scattered about, which is then used to create chocolate.

Hershey’s Chocolate is one of the most popular chocolates in the world. The Hershey Company was founded in Derry Township, Pennsylvania, in 1894, and the Hershey Bar was first created on November 11, 1900. Every step of making a Hershey’s bar contributes to what it is today.

Some people may think that the process of the chocolate bar begins with the ingredients mixed together, but the procedure takes place a while before that. Within a cacao tree, there are fruits containing seeds. These seeds are removed by farmers, who allow them to ferment and dry. This roasting process is similar to coffee beans. After this, the nibs of the seeds are taken out. The nibs are crushed, and milk is added (only for milk chocolate). Then, cocoa butter and sugar are combined together to form something like a thick batter. This mixture is called a chocolate crumb. Workers roll the chocolate crumb until it forms a thin powder. Once this process is over, the conching takes place. Conching is where more cocoa butter is added to the powder, and a melted chocolate consistency is made. Conching can take anywhere from 24 hours to even three days! The more it is conched, the smoother the chocolate turns out to be. Afterward, the chocolate is moved to a molding machine, where it is molded into its signature bar shape with the Hershey’s logo. Lastly, the chocolate moves through a chilling tunnel to become completely solid. These delectable chocolate bars are sent to be wrapped, and then many people go to enjoy this bliss. 

The Hershey’s Chocolate bars are not only appetizing, but they also have many exciting, fun facts! One interesting fact of the creator of Hershey’s, Milton Hershey, is that he tried many times of his candy business before succeeding. Another cool fact about Hershey’s is that every day, 60 million Hershey’s kisses, mini versions of the bars, are produced! Lastly, there is a ginormous chocolate bar that weighs five pounds! It currently costs $59.99 on the Hershey’s website. Hershey’s has many fascinating facts that will appeal to many consumers.

In conclusion, Hershey’s chocolate bar has a riveting process of its making. This chocolate’s history, production, and current status shows just how much work and effort is put into it.  However, in the end, it is worth it for its delicious taste.