Missing Girl Rescued after using distress hand signals she learned from TikTok


via Pixabay

The TikTok logo, whose app saved the life of this underaged girl.

As many people already know, TikTok is an app made in September 2016, which recently became popular because of the Covid-19 quarantine. Many people think of it as a childish and foolish app, but if they knew about the girl who used distress calls she learned from TikTok in order to save herself, many people would change their minds.

One Tuesday morning, a 16-year-old girl was kidnapped by a 61-year-old man named James Brick. James took the 16-year-old girl and traveled through North Carolina all the way to Ohio, where the kidnapper had relatives. After Brick’s relatives realized the girl in his custody was underaged and reported missing,  Brick moved on to Ohio. Around this time was when the 16-year-old girl started trying to get the attention of some motorists and requested them to call 911.

Someone driving behind Brick on a Thursday afternoon noticed the underaged girl’s hand gestures, which on TikTok represented ‘I need help’ or ‘domestic violence.’ Because of the hand gestures, this person called 911 on Brick’s car, saying the girl “seemed to be in distress.”

Laurel County Sheriff’s detectives and deputies immediately conducted a traffic stop and pulled Brick’s car. Police arrested Brick and confiscated his phone, as they found inappropriate photos of the underaged girl.

Brick was charged with first-degree unlawful imprisonment and also for possession of inappropriate photos of a girl older than 12 but younger than 18 in the first offense.

Brick is just one of many other people like him, and many women know this. The 16-year-old girl just got lucky that someone noticed her signals of anguish and decided to take action. Because of the dangers of today’s world, the Women’s Funding Network launched a campaign about one year ago. The campaign was aptly named “Signal for help,” as it was meant to spread awareness about hand gestures that show distress to others.

In the end, TikTok was most likely the reason why this young girl was saved because if she stayed with Brick any longer than she did, who knows what would have happened. A serious injury, a lifetime of trauma, maybe even death, are all possibilities that could have happened to her, but thankfully it didn’t and hopefully never happens again.  

The story about this young female just goes to show that even though there are many bad traits in something, it could still do good things, both big or small.