Most Popular Filipino Foods

There is a large variety of Filipino food. Some can be considered very enjoyable, while others, not so much. Although several dishes can be dislikeable, that is not what this article is about. This article will be highlighting the most popular Filipino dishes and why they are so well-liked. Many Filipino dishes have an interesting history that can be very fun to learn about!

Being the most popular and well-known Filipino dish, Adobo is a mix of different spices and meat. Originally the name for this dish was Adouber, but it then changed to Adobar, then Adobado, and then lastly Adobo. There are many ingredients to this food, but the most important one would most definitely be vinegar. Adobo also consists of different meats, soy sauce, garlic, and pepper. Every person raised in the Philippines or into a Filipino family undoubtedly has tried Adobo or knows of it. This meaty dish is also commonly served with sticky white rice to compliment the taste. Enjoyed by many, this is a great dish for any occasion.

Another extremely popular food from the Philippines is Lechon. This full roasted pig is typically served with other pieces of meat along with white rice. This dish is commonly found at Filipino gatherings, even if some find the pig creepy-looking. Usually, the gathering would be rather large, since buying one for any occasion would be too much. Though this roasted animal is very common, it can be very pricey depending on the quality. On average, a small Lechon is around three hundred dollars. This juicy meal is every traditional Filipinos’ favorite.

Next up on this list is lumpia. Yet another very common dish to be at for gatherings, lumpia is small, affordable, and delicious. Although these pork-filled rolls can be small, they can carry an astonishing flavor. This fascinating food is a deep-fried Lumpia wrapper with pork and vegetables inside and is secured with egg wash. Many restaurants serve Lumpia with a side of chili dipping sauce, but many people like to eat it with sweet and sour Banana Ketchup. Many Filipinos like to have these rolls as one of the dishes at their birthday parties.

Overall, there are many mouth-watering Filipino dishes that are commonly served and some that aren’t. Meat is one of the key ingredients in popular Filipino foods, and so are sauces and vegetables. There are also many very sweet desserts that are popular among sweet-tooths. These foods can range from all the way from huge, to small and bite-sized, to a nice and simple meal. After somebody tries any Filipino food, they will definitely agree that it was absolutely delicious.