Britain Plans to Open a New Coal Mine Despite Environmental Concerns


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Coal mine

Prime Minister Boris Johnson openly speaks about how Britain has big plans to phase out the use of coal. So it came to the surprise of many when they heard that the U.K. government plans to open up a new coal mine in Cumbria. This disconnect between the prime minister and the U.K. government left many confused. 

Britain is only responsible for a measly 1% of all CO2 emissions. Despite this, many environmentalists are outraged with the idea of opening a new coal mine. Britain and many other countries have agreed to exorbitantly cut carbon emissions. The CCC, or the Climate Change Committee, worries that the opening of this coal mine could cause problems in the future. They fret that in the year 2035, steel companies, the ones buying from the Cumbrian coal mine, will not have a high-tech method to capture the emissions released from the factory and bury them into the ground. The CCC also argues that 85% of the coal would be exported to external sources, and every ton of coal causes the market cost to go down and the emission rate of carbon to go up. Boris Johnson is also not in favor of the opening of this coal mine, but it is not for him to decide.

Those in favor of the Cumbrian deep coal mine argue that the mine would open up 500 more well-paid jobs in the area. The unemployment rate in the area surrounding the mine makes it enticing to open, as many would be looking for jobs. About 40 Conservative Members of Parliament signed a letter in support of the coal mines opening. Steel industries that are home to the U.K. are also expecting to save cash by making more flexible orders, but they said it was not essential because they already have other reliable coal sources. The production of coal mining in the U.K. would help decrease the carbon emissions it costs to ship other external sources of coal from Australia or North America. 

Final decisions for the mine have not yet been made. The CCC, or the Cumbria County Council, has confirmed that they have backup plans for the mine, but they will review their decision in February of 2022. Only time can only tell if the U.K. does decide to open up a new coal mine to help drive down costs, external CO2 emissions and help give opportunities for new jobs.