Overachievers – what drives them to work so hard?


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Very successful people tend to spend a lot of time figuring out what has been entrusted to them. Because, in the end, a sense of accomplishment and success actually helps in hard work. Why do they spend so much time trying to figure out so much? Is it worth the time and effort? 

It’s easy to think that people who do extraordinary things are born with unique DNA that bestows their particular skills and abilities. However, this would be a false assumption on selective parts. Tall people are indeed born with a DNA that is blessed with growth, but many tall people can’t play basketball like Michael Jordan. This preoccupation with awareness tends to be the result of a latent desire to respect as well as an attempt to control events. They worry that if they give up these habits, they will fail. Achievers feel guilty when they relax. The term or meaning of “overachievers” means that they know how to achieve their goals. It tends to be very difficult to try and accomplish when the goal is vague and unclear, and there is no specific deadline.

 So, overachievers would like simple compliments to make them feel like it’s worth learning, reading goal-setting books, and coming up with alternative quests. Successful people tend to be very fortunate in their careers, but they are often stressed at the end and barely rest. In leadership positions, they are perceived as overly harsh and autocratic because they have overly high expectations from other group members. School and work are not usually the only areas where overachievement is reached. 

People can engage in this style of action in a wide variety of settings. Striving to be perfect at parenting, housework, and hobbies are just some other areas in which overachievement can happen. One of the common characteristics of overachievers is finding meaning and purpose in their work. They`re fueled by their conviction that their work matters to them and to others. They`re motivated by their contribution to the planet and their ability to create a difference. Because they know that what they’re doing creates value for themselves and for others, they`re fated and determined to excel.

To summarize, Overachievers are responsible for their work and always try to work extra. Why? They are afraid that spending average time on homework isn’t enough and try to do better than everyone else to make sure all the worthy time was well spent.