Sci-Fi Metropolis: Telosa


via CNN


Marc Lore, a former Walmart executive, plans to build a futuristic utopia called Telosa. It will be fully self-sustainable and will house up to five million inhabitants. Marc Lore has hired a group of architects, the Bjark Ingles Group (aka BIG), to design and plan the city’s layout and buildings. It is expected to open around 2030 and will be able to house its first 50,000 residents. 


It has not stated how much it’ll cost to buy property in Telosa, but it may be a tad bit pricey. The way the economy works in Telosa is mostly by property value. If the value goes up, the residents benefit in a currently unknown way. Telosa will most likely be located in the deserts of Nevada, Texas, and Arizona, but it might be located in Idaho or Utah as well. The city will have a fully autonomous transportation system much like a faster and more high-tech version of the monorails found at Disneyland. The city was imagined to have the diversity of New York City, the cleanliness and safeness of Tokyo, and the social services of Stockholm all in one city. Telosa will have a system called Equitism. A quote made by Marc Lore on this topic is, “What if you paid the same taxes you paid today but get the best social service of any country in the world? That’s equitism.”


The streets of Telosa would favor pedestrians and bikers over vehicles, but automobiles would still have a part of the city. Telosa is modeled to be very green and eco-friendly, having many parks, artificial streams, trees, and other plants all over the city. Vine-like plants will also grow on the sides of buildings, even skyscrapers! In one of the model photos displayed on Telosa’s website, most buildings are shown to have trees planted on the roofs, so each building may have some sort of park on top of them. There are plants in every single nook and cranny! In another display picture, a model of a park is shown with people walking, talking, playing with the river water, and having picnics. 


But how will this city be built? The answer is: from scratch. Marc Lore and his team are going to build Telosa from nothing in the middle of the desert. Also, it’ll cost a measly price of $400 billion to build these alien-like cylindrical skyscrapers with green hats. One more thing, airplanes will be everywhere- at least everywhere in the sky. The tallest alien-like cylindrical skyscraper with a green hat in Telosa will have the name “Equitism Tower” bestowed upon it.


Marc Lore and Bjarke Ingles are planning to build a city that looks like it’s from a cleaner and much safer Star Wars city with no giant laser thingamabobs threatening the lives of many innocent people. At least, if Telosa ever turns against the world, their maximum military capacity is 5 million people. Let’s just hope they don’t start weaponizing their cars, planes, and alien-like cylindrical skyscrapers with green hats with giant laser thingamabobs.